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How Your Airbnb Business Can Make More Money With Automation

Nowadays most things are automated. There is no reason for your Airbnb vacation rental business to be any different. If you have not yet started relying on the convenience of automation, it is about time that you experience first-hand how automation can make your Airbnb business more profitable.

In order for your Airbnb listing to be profitable, it needs to stand out. Automation can make your property more luxurious, stylish and convenient. These features will without any doubt attract the attention of more guests and place your property at the top of their list. Apart from attracting more guests, thanks to automation you will also be able to increase your daily rate and save some time on routine tasks.

Implement the following Airbnb tips for hosts and your Airbnb vacation rental business will become even more rewarding.

1. Automate Your Check-in Procedure

With today's advances in technology, there is no need still to rely on physical keys or electronic locks. Offer your guests modern convenience by using either smart locks or the services of a key exchange company.

When you use a smart lock, you will be able to control and monitor precisely who is allowed to enter your Airbnb property. Plus, thanks to its time-sensitive access codes, Airbnb hosts can in no time change the access code, if needed.

2. Use Airbnb Management Software To Make Your Routine Easier

A decent vacation rental software can be very handy to help you automate some of your responsibilities. In fact, if you do not use some type of vacation rental software, it will be extremely challenging to look after more than one Airbnb property. A vacation rental software should enable advanced communication with guests, support multiple listings and help you to coordinate your cleaning crew.

3. Automating Your Communication With Guests

Great communication helps you to build a relationship with a guest and could be the motivation they need to return to your Airbnb property again. In fact, communicating with your guests does not just happen when they are checking in and then checking out again. It can become very time-consuming. With the help of a software, you will be able to create various automated replies. This means that you will be able to send whichever message to your guests at any time selected by you.

Plus, when one of your guests sends you a message, you will receive a pop-up notification straight away. If you don’t use software there is still a way to automate your communication with guests. Just create a different email for Airbnb bookings and set an autoreply. In this letter you can include some FAQs and house rules along with a line saying that you will come back with a reply shortly.

4. Use Smart Lighting Systems And Home Temperature Automation Units

Guests are looking forward to a trouble-free holiday. High-quality linen, fresh colour schemes and modern furnishings are important too, but the chances are good that they can find these features at any other Airbnb property.

A smart lighting system and a home temperature automation unit will set your home apart from the competition and save you money. When you invest in a smart lighting system, your guests will be able to control things like light intensity, colour and pattern with a single remote (or even more conveniently their smartphone). If you know that your guests will only check in after dark, you can use your lighting system to ensure that the outdoor lights and certain indoor lights are already switched on. This is a sure way to guarantee a great welcoming and first impression. Plus, a smart lighting system can be a very effective way to reduce your energy usage.

Another automation device that can help you to cut down on your energy bill is a smart thermostat. Not only will a home temperature automation unit help you to make your Airbnb property more cost-effective, but your guests will be able to control and adjust the temperature effortlessly so that it is just right for their personal preference.

Clearly the smartest choice for your Airbnb business is to put your smartphone to the work. Automating certain features of your property will definitely set you apart from all the other listings on Airbnb and different rental sites, allowing you to charge more and save you time. Plus, by creating a special experience for your guests, they will be sure to return again (and even suggest your place to all their friends).

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