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Home Security Trends in 2021 to Watch For

Nothing in life is more important than protecting those you love. Keeping your most valuable possessions safe is vital, as well. Despite your best efforts, theft, robbery, and vandalism can occur at your home. There are things you can do, however, to reduce the chances of break-ins and other mischievous behavior from happening on your property. To deter crime, you should consider purchasing and installing a home security system. When you have one, you can have peace of mind. Before you buy a system, it is helpful to know what is popular and effective today. You can also review different systems and compare them with others.

Video Doorbells

One of the best ways to find a system you can count on is to read what other people are saying about various security options. You can check out a Simplisafe review, for example, and see what elements of a security system are most widely used. Doorbell cameras and videos continue to gain traction among homeowners. These devices allow the homeowner to see people at their door and approaching the home. The video cameras are small and discreet but record clear footage of any suspicious activity on the premises. The videos even work well at night. These also have audio features, so you will be able to speak to the person on your doorstep and hear what responses they give.

Remote Activation

There was a time when you had to be at home to activate an alarm system. If you left your house and forgot to arm it, you would leave your property more vulnerable. Today, technology makes it easy to turn on the system from anywhere. You can do this remotely from your laptop or smartphone. Arming the system is possible while you are at work or on vacation hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Integration With a Smart Home

A security system should be more than cameras and alarms. In 2021, you can more readily sync your system with Alexa and other smart home assistants. You can turn on or off the lights in your home, control the music volume in any room, or even lock or unlock doors.


Installing sensors in doorways and window frames is another effective way to alert anyone at home that someone has intruded. Different plans give you a different number of sensors. When someone trips a sensor, it sets off an alarm. You can also purchase motion sensors that turn on interior or exterior lights when there is movement outside.

Remote Video Surveillance

What if you are away from home on business or vacation? Even with a security system, you may still wonder whether your home is safe. Thanks to video technology, you can watch high-quality surveillance of your home on your mobile device. Keep an eye on every room of your home as well as your property.

Easy-to-use Elements

Hi-tech security systems are great, but many are too complicated for younger people to operate. For children who may be home alone while parents are at work, this can be a concern. The last thing you want is for your kids not to know how to arm the system or properly take advantage of its benefits. Look for systems that are user-friendly, intuitive, and have a simple interface that anyone can navigate.

These security features can be yours when you shop around and determine what your home needs. The investment you make in a system today could pay dividends for years to come as you watch out for those you love most.

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