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GoTo and TikTok Nearing Full Compliance with Indonesia's Trade Regulations

GoTo and TikTok nearing full regulatory compliance in Indonesia's e-commerce sector.

In a strategic pivot set to redefine Indonesia's e-commerce landscape, GoTo Gojek Tokopedia (GoTo), in partnership with ByteDance's TikTok Shop, is on the verge of complete regulatory alignment under Indonesia's e-commerce guidelines.

This follows ByteDance's strategic acquisition of shares in GoTo's Tokopedia, blending the strengths of Tokopedia's robust marketplace with the dynamic reach of TikTok Shop. Together, they signify a united front, navigating through regulatory landscapes to achieve a milestone in compliance, heralding a new era for digital commerce in Indonesia.

Merging of TikTok and Tokopedia E-Commerce Sites

As per Reuters, GoTo and TikTok's migration is almost complete, as their trade regulation compliance is close to being 100% done. The process took a month and a half as the regulators that prohibit in-app transactions on social media need to review the deal thoroughly.

"Integration process is going well," Patrick Walujo, the investor turned chief executive officer of the GoTo Group, said during a recent online briefing. "All parties continue to communicate with the related ministries and as far as we know the process is nearing completion."

Compliance With the Indonesian Law

It was reported that Teten Masduki, Indonesia's minister for small and medium businesses, shared last week that TikTok had yet to comply with the regulation. This is a requirement after it purchased shares in Tokopedia late last year, allowing it to re-launch its e-commerce services in the country.

At any rate, GoTo expects its cooperation with TikTok to help significantly its e-commerce business and financial services since it will offer customers the "buy now, pay later" option and digital payments via TikTok's credit schemes.

Meanwhile, Marketing Interactive reported that as part of the companies' agreement, Tokopedia and TikTok Shop in Indonesia are officially merged under the Tokopedia entity. This makes the shop jointly owned by GoTo and TikTok.

Photo by: Solen Feyissa/Unsplash

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