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‘GTA 6’ release date, gameplay: ‘GTA V’ Easter eggs hint at next game’s 2021 launch?

From the trailer of GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony | Photo credit: Rockstar Games / YouTube screenshot

Rockstar Games cannot blame fans of the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise if they keep speculating on the supposed announcement or release date of “GTA 6.” More recently, some players are claiming they may have spotted Easter eggs in “GTA V” possibly pointing to the launch window of the much-awaited next-generation title.

‘GTA 6’ release date: Are there hidden clues in ‘GTA V’?

It is not strange for video game developers to leave crumbs of clues all over a title with a map as huge as in “GTA V.” One of the recurring speculations is that the doors in the airport in the current game is giving fans clues about the “GTA 6” timeline.

Many players have previously pointed out that the airport doors cryptically have the number “2021” on them. But Reddit user cr0ssm is even more convinced as they point out that are six doors in the current game’s airport with 2021 on it. The same fan maintained placing these numbers could be a “deliberate” move by Rockstar to hint at a major event -- like a “GTA 6” announcement or launch -- happening next year. Other fans in the comments section recall there were also “GTA V” clues in the “GTA IV” game hiding in plain sight.

Rockstar has been very quiet about “GTA 6,” and fans are not even sure about the next game’s actual stage of development at the moment. There have been rumors that work on the next title has started as early as 2014, but another report came out last April suggesting “GTA 6” is still in early development. The latter would mean the next game is still several years away from being launched.

It should also be considered that Rockstar has announced the project of expanding “GTA V” (again) as next-generation consoles arrive later this year. The by-product of this development will not be released until the second half of 2021, which somehow dampens the speculations that “GTA 6” would be announced or released next year.

‘GTA 6’ gameplay

Speaking of next-gen consoles, it should be one of the reasons fans should still look forward to the release of “GTA 6” no matter how overdue it already appears. Both consoles from Sony and Microsoft boasts faster load speeds and the use of ray tracing technology, which should benefit open-world titles like “GTA 6.”

While the expanded “GTA V” for next-gen consoles is not exactly what players were hoping to see, it could still be a good way to build expectations. The upgraded game could help players get a better grasp of how the PS5 and Xbox Series X tech can improve the overall gaming experience and what added features they want to see in “GTA 6.”

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