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FxWirePro: TRON Vs Ethereum



Consensus Algorithm


Delegated POS

Transaction Throughput

25 deal/s

2000 deal/s

Block Production

15 s

15 s

Confirm the time

12 blocks

1 blocks

Smart contract

Simple scripting language

Various programming language

Wallet signature algorithm

ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Algorithm

Lamport Algorithm

Transaction Mode

Account Model

UTXO and local cache acct information

Wallet trading platform




TRON surpasses Ethereum in Dapp usage. According to website DappRadar which tracks insight and information about existing Dapp shows that TRONbet decentralized gambling app has surpassed IDEX Ethereum based Dapp in terms of the number of users and 24 hour transactional volume (TRON volume at 200 million TRX Vs 2600 ETH).

TRON recently launched $ 1 million TRON Accelerator program that will help developers who build decentralized app on the TRON platform. There will be 5 class of winner with prize money of $200,000,$100,000, $50,000 along with free travel accommodation to niTRON summit in San Francisco for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize and 8 special prizes worth $30,000.

TRON is planning to implement zk-SNARKS privacy algorithm technology for privacy and anonymity which was first used by Zcash. Zero-knowledge proof is a method or process where one person (the prover) can prove to another party (the verifier) that something is true without revealing any information apart from the fact that this specific statement is true.

Technical analysis:

TRXUSD recovered sharply nearly 60% from low of $0.0111 till $0.01745. It is currently trading around $0.0140670.

On the higher side, near-term resistance is around $0.01750 and any break above will take the pair to next level till $0.0189 (55- day EMA)/0.0210 (89- day EMA)/$0.0308 (200- day MA).

The near-term support is around $0.0110 and any violation below will drag the pair to the next level till $0.00670 (161.8% fib).

It is good to buy on dips around $0.01300 with SL around $0.0110 for the TP of $0.0189/$0.0210.

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