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Firmware Code Hints at Tesla's Paid Performance Mode for Model 3 and Y

Firmware code reportedly reveals Tesla's paid performance mode for Model 3 and Y.

Recent firmware code leaks suggest that Tesla is reportedly set to launch a paid performance mode upgrade for its Model 3 and Y vehicles, which will unlock the full battery range.

Speculations Arise from Firmware Code

Leaker @greentheonly published earlier today regarding a "soft performance limit" option discovered in recent Model 3 and Y firmware. According to the account, the corresponding values are 110kW and 160kW.

According to Teslarati, the coding appears to indicate that Tesla plans to release a paid update for the software-locked mode, enabling owners to upgrade and use the entire battery range.

Compliance with Market Regulations

Some speculate that the decision may be attributable to market regulations, such as the one in Singapore, where the automaker reportedly introduced the Model 3 RWD 110 configuration to qualify for maximum power output exemptions granted to electric vehicles (EVs) rated below 110kW.

Elon Musk referenced Tesla's prospective strategy of providing software-locked performance enhancements for the Model Y in the first week of this month. This was in response to the automaker's introduction of a new base-level Long Range RWD configuration, which replaced the preceding, lower-range model.

Musk Hints at More Enhancements

Other than that, Musk stated that the software upgrade would provide an extra 40 to 60 miles of range and cost between $1,500 and $2,000, bringing specific models in line with the new Long Range Trim.

The exact launch date of Tesla's aforementioned "soft performance limit" is unclear at this time.

Supercharger Races for Beach Buggy Racing

Per the release notes shared by Not a Tesla App (via Teslarati), Tesla software update 2024.20 will add special Supercharger races for Beach Buggy Racing at Superchargers, where you can fight for top spots on the leaderboard.

The Beach Buggy race leaderboard system is only being released in the U.S. right now, but it will be added to all of Tesla's cars in the future. The update also adds hot weather changes to all games, which should help the cabin cool down faster. Tesla also says that the changes made for hot weather keep you comfortable at lower noise levels.

The update also plans to enhance security, adaptive highlights, and air conditioning efficiency during hot weather.

Photo: Willian Cittadin/Unsplash

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