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FLOKI Price Soars 14% After Revolut Listing, Market Rally Anticipated

FLOKI price jumps 14% after listing on Revolut Business, sparking investor enthusiasm.

The price of FLOKI surged over 14% today following its listing on Revolut Business, Europe's largest neobank, driving investor enthusiasm and market optimism for continued gains.

FLOKI's 14% Surge Follows Revolut Listing and Other Key Developments, Signaling Renewed Investor Interest

In a recent report by CoinGape, FLOKI, the meme currency sensation, is up over 14% today, indicating renewed enthusiasm among investors. This spike follows a big listing announcement on Revolut Business, Europe's largest neobank and retail trading app, raising expectations for additional price appreciation.

However, it is worth mentioning that the meme coin has recently gained substantial traction, thanks to a flurry of listing and other related developments.

The FLOKI price has increased by about 14%, signaling a return of interest among market participants. Notably, the recent announcement that FLOKI is now available on Revolut Business has been the critical impetus for this spike. This important milestone allows businesses across Europe to purchase FLOKI, quickly increasing its visibility and acceptance.

Meanwhile, the revelation of FLOKI's inclusion on Revolut Business comes amid a flurry of other listing announcements, highlighting the meme coin's growing popularity and global reach. Notably, FLOKI just obtained listings on the Thailand subsidiary of Binance, the primary cryptocurrency exchange, increasing its traction in various geographic regions, including the Asian market.

Conversely, the FLOKI cryptocurrency has gained traction after joining Bitpanda's Meme Coin Leaders Index, adding to the market's growing optimism. Bitpanda, a prominent multi-asset exchange based in Europe, confirmed the inclusion of Floki Inu into its renowned index.

Notably, the Bitpanda index is intended to represent a diverse portfolio of the top meme coins based on market value. FLOKI's inclusion in the index is a crucial milestone, as it increases its awareness and highlights its growing relevance within the meme coin ecosystem.

Floki DAO Proposes Major Token Burn, Driving FLOKI Price Up 14% Amid Strong Investor Support

Amid these listing successes, the Floki DAO, the decentralized autonomous organization guiding Floki Inu's development, has proposed a token burn. This proposal permanently removes almost 15 billion tokens from circulation, bolstering bullish feelings and driving the meme coin's price upwards.

Meanwhile, as of this writing, voting on the token burn proposal began on May 14 and will continue until May 16, with 99.8% of votes now in favor of the burning initiative. Notably, token burns act as a means to limit a cryptocurrency's overall supply, typically resulting in increased scarcity and demand, potentially propelling further price appreciation for FLOKI in the coming days.

During this writing, the FLOKI price rose 14.52% to $0.0002192 after reaching a 24-hour high of $0.0002229. Its trade volume increased by over 75%, reaching $886.48 million in the same period. Notably, the leading meme coin has gained more than 31% in the last seven days, with a monthly growth rate of more than 40%.

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