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'Emily in Paris' Season 4 Release Date, Cast and Spoilers: Everything We Know So Far

Here is everything we know so far about the upcoming "Emily in Paris" Season 4.

“Emily in Paris” Season 4 has been announced by Netflix, which means viewers will be treated to even more breathtaking views, trendy clothing, and juicy drama. Season 4 was bought nearly two years ago, and Netflix renewed Seasons 3 and 4 in January 2022.

As per reports, “Emily in Paris” Season 4 was shot in France last year, so the American romantic comedy-drama television series developed by Darren Star for Netflix may return earlier than usual over the holiday season. If history is any guide, the new season will not be released until shortly before Christmas in 2023.

With the dramatic reveal from the Season 3 finale, fans are wondering what will happen to the characters in “Emily in Paris” Season 4. In the last episode of the third season, Gabriel and Camille abruptly called off their wedding due to the latter's open but honest words.

Camille revealed to the audience that Gabriel was in love with her closest friend, Emily, rather than pretending that everything was fine. Then an unexpected surprise was revealed: Camille is pregnant, and here is where the forthcoming fourth season will pick up. While fans wait for further information about the upcoming season, here is everything you need to know about “Emily in Paris” Season 4.

Emily in Paris’ Season 4 Release Date

There has been no official announcement from Netflix regarding the release date of “Emily in Paris” Season 4, per EpicFlix. Because past seasons of the show were published around the holidays, the series will most likely return around the end of this year.

Season 1 premiered in October 2020, Season 2 in December 2021, and Season 3 in December 2022, meaning the fourth season will most likely be released a year after the previous seasons. The second season, however, was originally intended to begin filming in early summer, but will now begin filming on January 15 for five months in Paris, and production will restart in Italy, according to the film commission Mission Cinema, per Variety.

As a result of the production delay, “Emily in Paris” Season 4 is unlikely to be published before late Q4 2024, but we'll have to wait for an official announcement from Netflix. We'll keep you posted as soon as we learn more about Season 4's Netflix launch date.

Emily in Paris’ Season 4 Cast

Despite the fact that Netflix has not yet announced its official cast list for “Emily in Paris” Season 4, the addition of Lily Collins gives fans hope that other fan favorites may return for another round. The cast features a lot of famous faces, beginning with Lily, who will surely return to the small screen as social media influencer and marketing strategist Emily Cooper.

Gabriel, the character of Lucas Bravo, has been Emily's romantic interest since Season 1, but the two have never been more than acquaintances. Camille, played by Camille Razat, may finally be with Emily now that Camille and Gabriel are no longer getting married, making him a crucial role in the upcoming “Emily in Paris” Season 4.

Lily particularly highlighted Camille, Mindy (Ashley Park), and Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) in her announcement, indicating that they will feature in “Emily in Paris” Season 4. However, now that Alfie, played by Lucien Laviscount in the series, is no longer Emily's lover, his fate is uncertain.

Other returning actors in “Emily in Paris” Season 4 include Samuel Arnold as Julien, Emily's stylish coworker; Bruno Gouery as Luc, Emily's eccentric coworker; and William Abadie, Emily's client who owns the perfume firm Maison Lavaux. Celine Menville is also set to return as Emily's French instructor, Jacqueline, as well as Kevin Dias as Mindy's love interest, Benoit, Jin Xua Mao as Etienne, Soren Bregendal as Erik de Groot, Melia Kreiling as Sofia Sideris, and Paul Forman as Nicolas de Leon.

Emily in Paris’ Season 4 Spoilers

Although no official summary for “Emily in Paris” Season 4 has been announced, it's exciting to know that the Season 3 cliffhanger will serve as the beginning point for the upcoming episodes of the Netflix original. In her introduction video, Lily stated a number of the questions fans have concerning the series' main characters as Season 4 approaches:

"So much happened that we just need answers to. Is Alfie still heartbroken? Will Gabriel get his Michelin star? Will Mindy and the band go to Eurovision? And what about Camille? Will Sylvie's rekindled love last?"

In addition to what Lily said about the characters, the main actress hinted that her character in “Emily in Paris” Season 4 may face some difficult decisions, including whether or not she would finally initiate a relationship with Gabriel. She also suggested a "Roman holiday," which could mean Emily will be visiting Italy after spending the last few seasons in Paris.

Stay tuned for more “Emily in Paris” Season 4 spoilers, news and updates!

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