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‘Doom Eternal’ release date, gameplay: Game will have new enemies, modes and longer campaign

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As the “Doom Eternal” release date inches closer, more details about Bethesda's upcoming first-shooter have been popping up. Here’s what’s known about the title, which includes new modes, demons, and campaign length.

"Doom Eternal” plot and setting

“Doom Eternal” will be set sometime after the events in 2016’s “Doom,” according to GameSpot. At this point, Earth has been overrun by demons from hell. Although it’s not yet clear how this happened, the game promises to have tougher enemies for players to dispose of. Thankfully, there will be new powerful weapons to help them do the job.

“Doom Eternal” Gameplay

The upcoming game will play just like the 2016 version. There will be hordes of demons players need to deal with so the fight will still be breathtakingly fast-paced. But “Doom Eternal” enemies will be a bit smarter this time and will have more varied capabilities.

There will be twice as many varieties of demons as well. Previous trailers show that some demon types that were in the 2016 game will be in the new game as well. These include Mancubuses, Cacodemons, Pain Elementals, Barons of Hell, Imps, Revenants, Aracnotrons, and Arch-Viles.

Meanwhile, a recently released trailer also revealed two types of demons previously unseen in the older game. They are called the Marauder and the Gladiator. The interesting thing about these enemies is that they will have more detailed damage models so players can damage specific parts and it can affect how well they attack.

New multiplayer mode

“Doom Eternal” will introduce a new mode that players can look forward to. It’s called Battlemode where one player controls a Doom Slayer while two others will control one demon each.

At the game’s launch, there will be five playable demons and six available maps. The demons that can be played are Revenant, Pain Elemental, Mancubus, Arch-vile, and Marauder but more demons and maps will be released later.

“Doom Eternal” campaign longer than 2016 game

Fans of the franchise will enjoy a longer campaign this time, at least compared to the “Doom” 2016 game. “It's definitely bigger than Doom 2016, longer," game director Marty Stratton said at the QuakeCon, PC Gamer reported. “I think the way we're challenging players will probably make it play a bit longer. My guess right now is it's in the 18-22 hour range on a pretty complete playthrough.”

“Doom Eternal” release date

“Doom Eternal” was originally set for release on November 22, 2019. However, Bethesda and id Software announced it will be delayed and pushed the launch date to March 20, 2020. The game will be available in multiple platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. It will be available for Nintendo Switch players later this year as well.

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