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Dominican Republic’s Rum Tours

Russia has vodka, Scotland has single malt whisky, and the United States has barrel-aged bourbon. But when you think of the Caribbean, there is only one spirit that comes to mind - rum.

The history of rum in the Caribbean is a fascinating one. Some Caribbean distilleries are hundreds of years old, with distilleries like Mount Gay in Barbados dating back to the early 18th century.

Rum is made from fermented sugarcane which is why it is so popular in the region. Sugar is grown across the Caribbean, and rum is made in almost every corner of the archipelago too. Sometimes it feels like every island has its own tastes and rum styles and it can be hard to keep track!

When it comes to the best rums in the Caribbean there are a few contenders. Puerto Rican rum is known for being light and smooth, while Jamaican rum is a far heftier, rougher prospect. Barbados specializes in spiced rum, but for many the rums of the Dominican Republic are the finest choice. Luckily, there are plenty of ways of experiencing rum on this fabulous island republic, so if you have been looking for a Caribbean cruise to look forward to in 2022, why not consider one that gives you the chance to explore the archetypal Caribbean spirit?

If you do make it to the Dominican Republic on a cruise next year, here are the best rum tours you can take.


Ron Barcelo is the most famous and prestigious rum distilled in the Dominican Republic, and has won international acclaim as a result. The Centro Historico Ron Barcelo offers an amazing rum tour experience, where you can try the remarkable creations of the distillery. These include the Gran Platinum, a white rum with the taste of an añejo, and their Gran Añejo, aged in bourbon barrels for a deep, rich flavor.


The Brugal distillery has been the largest producer of traditionally-made rum in the Dominican Republic since 1888! The distillery tours at its headquarters in Puerto Plata are a treat, offering a wonderful combo of education and plenty of rum to taste!


With over 150 years of distilling experience, J. Armando Bermudez & Co are the oldest rum producers in the Dominican Republic. Thanks to a unique aging process, their rums are a softer, more gentle prospect than the bigger and bolder offerings from Brugal and Barcelo, and the contrast is just another reason to add this excellent factory tour to your DR vacation!

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