Digital Currency/Stablecoin/Tokenization Series: ‘FLYD’ Token Most Likely To Hit Crypto-Universe Amid Massive Protest In The US

Despite the growing scepticism, fraudulent incidents and yesteryear’s downtrend of the cryptocurrencies that have caused great cause of concern for some investors, our reiteration kept alerting this class investors about the buzz world, which is ‘tokenization mechanism’. 

A new token anonymously designed in bid of honour to ‘George Floyd’. Burning issue in the US is rising protests owing to George Floyd’s unfortunate death that has been spiraled across the entire world, the supports to this protest are coming from various directions and various fraternities.

But the way it was supposed to be taken place is not going through peacefully, we have been witnessing worse way of protesting, as burglars began vandalizing and robbing series of shops in many parts of the country. A brand new token is named after George Floyd while protests exasperate.

George Floyd was an African American who died due to police officers horrible treatment. As a result, massive protests across the globe, majorly in the US taking place.

On the back of this development, “George Floyd Token” is about to hit the market name of ‘FLYD’ which appears to be an ERC-20 driven crypto-project that intends to peacefully support protesters across the United States of America.

Well, there are approximately 242 addresses have found about the holders of ‘FLYD’ and the total supply reportedly seems to be at 612,000,000 FLYD, as per Etherscan.

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