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Cybertruck Production Accelerates as Over 100 Units Spotted at Giga Texas

Over 100 Tesla Cybertrucks ready at Giga Texas, marking a significant production milestone.

Tesla's Cybertruck ramp-up appears to proceed as intended, as approximately one hundred units were observed today outside Giga, Texas.

Tesla Cybertruck Hits Production Milestone

Undoubtedly, inquiries about the Cybertruck's ramp-up phase were on the minds of Tesla enthusiasts, investors, and staff members. This is unlike any other vehicle on the market, and the unconventional design of Tesla's first pickup inspired more than one million individuals to place a deposit.

Nevertheless, demand never constituted a concern for Cybertruck. Production and Tesla's capacity to fulfill an extensive order book were the only questioned aspects.

Teslarati reports Tesla had gradually established a more rapid production rate at Giga Texas by the conclusion of 2023, precisely one month after the commencement of Cybertruck deliveries.

Nevertheless, it seems that Tesla is beginning to iron out any flaws and difficulties that its engineers and employees may have encountered. A factory observer and drone operator, Joe Tegtmeyer, observed more than one hundred units on the Giga Texas facilities today.

The precise quantity of Cybertrucks that have been delivered remains undisclosed, and Tesla's end-of-year delivery report failed to distinguish the pickup from other vehicles. It would be intriguing to observe whether or not it decides by the conclusion of the first quarter.

Despite this, Tesla has commenced delivering Cybertrucks to additional states, including California and Texas, where it initially operated. Tesla has initiated the delivery of Cybertrucks to motorists in several additional states, including Arizona, North Carolina, and Utah.

Tesla Launches Referral Program to Fast-Track Cybertruck Deliveries for Credit Holders

With a new referral program incentive, Tesla assists Cybertruck reservation holders in receiving the pickup more quickly; however, this comes at a price.

By providing 30,000 referral credits in exchange for expedited delivery of the Cybertruck, Tesla enables reservation holders to bypass the line of customers who placed pre-orders for the truck before them.

"Redeem referral credits to accelerate your Cybertruck Delivery," Tesla wrote. "Be invited to configure and take delivery of your Foundation Series All-Wheel Drive or Cyberbeast within 45 days of redemption. If you miss your chance to claim, check back later–additional accelerated deliveries."

The award was completely sold out within hours, and Tesla may decide to re-offer it if it wishes to remove additional credits from the possession of proprietors. According to the company, Cybertruck reservations are extensive, and more than one million individuals are reportedly waiting for the truck.

However, Tesla is currently in the manufacturing phase of the Cybertruck, which presents an unprecedentedly complex and novel challenge for the company. Assuming Tesla's production reaches a maximum capacity of approximately 200,000 to 250,000 units annually, it is probable that the current reservation list will remain unfulfilled for four to five years, Teslarati reported.

However, certain reservation holders who may be further in the queue can quickly advance if they have 30,000 credits to spend on the award, enabling them to leapfrog. In addition, Tesla reinstated factory tours of its Fremont and Gigafactory Texas and a Foundation Series Cybertruck Sweepstakes that offered the chance to win a complimentary pickup truck.

Photo: Lcaa9, CC BY-SA 4.0

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