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China Airlines unveils a Pokemon-themed aircraft, Pikachu Jet CI

Pikachu Jet CI

China Airlines has unveiled the airline's Pikachu Jet CI, a Pokemon-themed aircraft livery, as part of the Pokemon Air Adventures.

One of China Airlines’ new A321neo passenger aircraft has been chosen for the job and its new livery should be finished and ready to meet all Pokémon fans by autumn of this year. The Pikachu Jet CI will hopefully help spur the revival of post-COVID tourism and encourage everyone to look forward to their next holiday."

The Pokemon Company designed the custom livery exclusively for China Airlines.

China Airlines' corporate hues and plum blossom logo on the tail-fin harmonize with the livery's base color.

An A321neo's fuselage will be painted in a pastel gradient of orange, pink, and violet to depict a starry night sky with daybreak just around the corner.

Flying Pikachu, Shaymin, Swablu, Togekiss, Munna, Jigglypuff, Snorlax, Slowpoke, and Teddiursa are just a few of the eleven Pokemon that will ride with passengers as part of the livery.

Susumu Fukunaga, Corporate Officer of The Pokemon Company, said they are launching the Pokemon Air Adventures to reignite everyone’s passion for travel after the COVID-19 pandemic dealt the tourism and transportation industry with a devastating blow.

China Airlines President Kao Shing-Hwang noted that the mission of Pokemon Air Adventures matches its ESG sustainability philosophy.

The unveiling of an airplane with Pokémon-themed livery to add extra enjoyment to the voyage marks the beginning of the two firms' first-ever collaboration.

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