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Blocto and The New Era Of NFT Trading

2021 will forever be remembered as the year where digital assets finally captured their place in the minds of the public. The Crypto industry has become a juggernaut that will foresee a massive market cap potential while diversification of assets has surged more than ever before due in part to the global issues in the traditional financial industry. Now, more than ever, people are searching for a replacement for traditional assets.

NFTs have captured a unique place as digital assets because a number of them are truly unique. While many of them have embraced their places as unique artworks that can be traded and bought on the internet, there have been further developments that showcase even more how big of an impact that NFTs will have upon the market. In the world of collector’s NFTs show their appeal more than ever.

NBA TopShots has recently entered the Crypto scene as the first NFT offering platform that will specialize in selling and trading actual clips of NBA games. For the first time, a collector will be able to own a part of an NBA game. From a simple layup shot to the game-winning three-point shot, thrown at the last possible second to win the NBA championship. These moments will be captured forever as an NFT, and a collector can own a piece of the game like never before.

Championed by Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban, these developments are the first major investments from major public entities as well as the first major sports league to embrace the ideals of NFTs and Crypto. Enthusiasm has already exploded into massive trades on the proprietary platform provided by NBA TopShots, and packs of common and rare NFTs can be purchased and traded much like traditional sports or trading cards.

Prospective NFT owners, eager to investigate this new development in one of the most exciting areas of digital asset development, can often feel daunted by the wide aspects of the growing Metaverse. It can be difficult for them to find the proper way to be introduced into the market, without knowing what platform to choose or how to utilize these new concepts, they could easily be lost amongst the whirlwind of new ideas. This question of how to leverage these new ideas efficiently is answered with a new player determined to make the Metaverse as accessible and smooth as possible for everyone: Blocto.

Blocto is a crypto wallet provider that is seeking to turn its cross-blockchain ecosystem into the first choice for people who are looking for decentralized applications, or dApps, to meet their specific needs. Not just NFT trading, but revenue streams, gaming, and other forms of dApps will be available on the Blocto in an easy to access and utilize fashion. People will be able to browse Blocto and find whatever they are looking for in the form of dApps tailored to their needs.

With its cross-chain nature, Blocto is able to seamlessly integrate such blockchains as Ethereum, Flow, Solana, and Tron. Users from any of these blockchains can roam freely and download different dApps in an easily designed fashion. They can log in with their email and buy and sell NFTs just like other daily applications with ease. No more complicated third-party apps, just quick and simple browsing, purchasing, downloading, and selling.

Aiming to act as the Steam for dApps, Blocto is presenting itself as an option that will cater to any individual who is interested in exploring the new realm of Crypto and NFT asset usage. With the recent rise of the Metaverse, this unique ecosystem will be the go-to place for those who are embarking on their digital asset journeys.

Mark Cuban once again recognizes the potential of a good idea when he sees one, and has invested considerable resources in helping Blocto grow further so it can reach its full potential. Partnering with this company, he expects to see it become the global standard for dApp acquisition and downloading.

The CEO of Blocto, Hsuan Lee, believes that all of these concepts, the Metaverse, NFT usage, and the expansion of digital assets have come together at the perfect opportunity for the average person to take advantage of. Instead of being a niche topic and market, these concepts are now available for anyone to leverage for their desire instead of being forced to use a specific method or brokers that would determine actions taken rather than the user themself.

The idea behind Crypto and NFTs was always to allow a user unparalleled financial independence. The idea that individuals can have control over their assets and how they are used if they are given the right tools and ability is something that has captured the minds of many across the world as the Metaverse has expanded.

Blocto gives people the tools that they need to find what they want from the Metaverse. Whether it is financial success and independence or simple entertainment and gaming, Blocto offers people an intuitive and simplistic interface that will allow a person to enjoy their Metaverse experience like nowhere else. If someone is looking for the perfect place to store dApps, get the information they’d like, and embrace everything else Crypto, then Blocto is the answer to their blockchain questions.

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