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Apple to Launch iOS 17.4 in March, Aligning with EU Digital Markets Act: Report

iOS 17.4 update arriving in March with new features and EU market adjustments.

iOS 17.4 has been beta testing by Apple for nearly a month, a new report claimed.

iOS 17.4 Set for March Release: New Features and EU Digital Markets Act Compliance

Apple confirmed in its press release announcing significant App Store modifications in the European Union, which were executed in accordance with the Digital Markets Act of the EU, that iOS 17.4 will be released in March:

“Developers can learn about these changes on the Apple Developer Support page and can begin testing new capabilities today in the iOS 17.4 beta. The new capabilities will become available to users in the 27 EU countries beginning in March 2024.”

To avoid penalties, Apple must comply with the Digital Markets Act by March 6; therefore, iOS 17.4 will likely be released on or before that date.

Key new features in iOS 17.4 include Apple Podcasts transcripts, a new iMessage security protocol, new emoji, and the ability to use the Apple Cash card on a greater number of websites through the generation of a virtual card number, in addition to the changes in the EU. In addition, the update contains provisions for introducing the next generation of CarPlay later this year.

Apple iOS 17.4 is compatible with iPhone XS and later models. Under General → Software Update in the Settings application, the update will be accessible. Additional software updates, including visionOS 1.1, iPadOS 17.4, and macOS 14.4, are anticipated to be released in March.

Apple To Unveil iOS 17.4 Update with Major Changes for EU App Ecosystem

As previously reported, Apple is set to release a significant update that will alter how the European Union's app ecosystem operates. It allows developers to utilize alternative payment methods and app stores instead of relying solely on the App Store or in-app purchases. Obviously, Apple's update entails additional charges and restrictions.

Apple has enabled NFC access so that third-party payment providers can implement tap-to-pay in their applications and added support for new browser engines. Still, these capabilities are restricted to European Union member states.

The update also enables developers to access new analytics for streaming game applications such as Nvidia GeForce NOW and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

iOS 17.4 also includes new emoji characters, podcast transcripts, SharePlay on HomePod, Live Activity support for the Stopwatch, and additional features, the complete list of which can be found in our iOS 17.4 features guide. Thus far, Apple has distributed two beta versions to developers; the release of iOS 17.4 is anticipated in March.

Photo: Bagus Hernawan/Unsplash

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