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7 Things You Never Knew About Casinos

The first casino opened up along the Las Vegas strip more than 75 years ago and since then, the world has had a love affair with casinos and the many games they offer. Vegas has become synonymous with casino gambling, but there are many facts about betting in this way that many people aren’t aware of. Here are seven facts you never knew about casinos.

China has the Biggest Casino Market in the World

Most people associated casinos with Las Vegas, but the Nevada resort isn’t the only place in the world where you can try your luck on the slot machines. Macau has been branded the Monte Carlo of the Orient for its many gambling venues, the quantity of which surpassed Vegas back in 2007 and has been getting steadily higher ever since.

Casinos as We Know Them Date Back to 17th Century Venice

Long before high-tech slot machines and casino games were popular, the social side of gambling and taking part in games of chance was enjoyed in Venice, Italy. The activity and art of gambling date back as far as 1638 when the Ridotto opened in Venice, which is the closest to what we know as casinos today.

The Largest Online Pay-Out was Almost $12 million

If you were ever unsure about how big of a business online casinos are today, this fact will astound you. A single pay-out from an online casino like Timeform was made to a man in Norway who identified himself only as “Peter” and was for €11 million or $12 million, playing the Arabian Knights slot game.

You Can’t Cash Cheques

Most casinos won’t let you cash a cheque, money order or a cashier’s cheque. The reason is that cashier’s cheques and money orders can’t be verified and can be forged easily, so most establishments won’t accept them.

You Can Be Barred for Winning Too Much

Casinos are businesses just like any other and manager’s watch the bottom line at casino’s as they would in any industry. Players who are suspected of being advantage players, such as card counting and ace tracking, can be barred from playing certain games if it’s believed they’re winning too much money.

Casinos Give Away Free Stuff

Many people don’t realise they can get free things from casinos, but these businesses are focused on signing up new guests and when you do, you might be entitled to free cash, a room, a meal or any number of free perks for joining their player’s clubs. While casinos usually hold the line on these benefits to under 20 percent of the loss expected of the player, a smart blackjack player can earn back their estimated losses using good strategies.

Casinos Lose Money on 25% of Guests

Studies suggest that while most players lose money at casinos, the high cost of property, staff and complimentary items means that casinos actually end up losing money on a quarter of their long-term guests and players such as blackjack card counters.

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