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6 Ways to School Safety and Gun Violence Prevention

The school environment should provide a platform for children to study and build a better future for themselves. Thus, stakeholders such as parents and teachers have a responsibility to promote safety in schools by preventing violence, especially that which is perpetrated through the use of guns. The aim of protecting learners is to boost their confidence as they pursue their academic dreams. Therefore, many institutions in the US have enhanced gun control in schools hence drastically minimizing violent incidences.

You may be interested in pursuing gun safety education to learn about the causes of violence in American schools once you join a university. The research will enable you to better understand the behavior of students and the probable causes of unrest. You can always access a free gun control essay on the internet to help you write a gun control argumentative essay for submission. Many institutions are teaching gun safety in schools because this menace has been spreading so fast.

There are many ways that can be adopted to minimize gun violence in schools and enhance safety for students. They include:

1. Speaking to learners at an early age

Communication is critical in the lives of learners right from the young ages. Teachers and parents have to interrogate them more often and establish their opinions and about certain life phenomena. More importantly, the stakeholders can ask students what they make of violence. If they hold a positive perspective of it, they should be guided accordingly to avoid it. More discussions should center on substance abuse and sex to help them discern good and bad.

2. Create rules and limits

As a parent or teacher, you have full authority upon your kids, and you can implement rules that give direction to the child. Besides, make sure you implement the rules by providing an outline of the consequences. In this case, you will be nurturing a child to be responsible. Also, the child will grow with the capacity to manage stress and have concern for others, hence limiting the possibility of engaging in violence.

3. Take part in the violence prevention coalitions

Concentrated efforts are more effective than individual struggles. If you need to win the war against gun violence, join school-based groups with other teachers and parents so that you be part of the movement. The National Crime Prevention Council has projected that incidences of school violence can be reduced by as much as 30% if communal efforts are converged. In this case, members can brainstorm on the possible causes of the problems and the relevant solutions towards solving them.

4. Development of violence prevention and response plans in schools

Schools are vulnerable grounds for gun violence because they host children from different backgrounds. With this understanding, stakeholders should implement contingency measures to manage any incidences or prevent them from occurring. The most ideal plan is to have schools engaging with corporate institutions that can offer such preventive and response services. The police and health officials are suitable for providing intervention and emergency responses.

5. Implementation of lawful action against gun violence

The initial step against eliminating violence is to ensure that guns are not availed to the children in schools. Any individual who facilitates learners with guns should be reprimanded and charged before courts of law. The process of purchasing a gun has to be checked so that the person buying it declares the motive and legal qualifications to have it. Most importantly, guns are mostly preserved for the law enforcement officers and the military; hence, learners found with guns should be prosecuted.

6. Investment in mental health

Many learners suffer from mental related conditions, which force them to indulge in activities such as bullying and violence. Schools should put up programs that help students to manage stress, depression, and anxiety. For instance, they can partner with hospitals to offer counseling services that would emancipate children from aggressive tendencies.


The acts of violence can derail the learning process among students who genuinely need to pursue their dreams. School administrators have to ensure that a conducive environment is availed to the students by fighting gun violence. Parents also have a role in nurturing young learners to grow with a sense of responsibility and regard for others. With these concerted efforts, it will be possible to eliminate the vice of violence. Mental health must also be checked through cooperation between the learning institutions and other entities, including the community.

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