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Top Technological Advancements That Have Changed Sports

Modern sports use sophisticated technology to improve performance. It helps athletes increase their accuracy and performance. Also, technology has promoted fairness in different sports events. Sportsbooks such as Betway offer a variety of sports betting options. Punters can place pre-match bets and live bets. In this post, we explore seven technologies that have transformed sports.

1.LZR Swimsuits

The swimsuits were first introduced in 2008. They comprise polyurethane, nylon, and spandex. Many swimmers wore LZR Racers in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. About 98 percent of the winners wore LZR swimsuits in the swimming competitions. Even so, the Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA) ruled that the swimsuits offered a technological advantage to swimmers who wore them. It banned the use of LZR swimsuits in July 2009.

2.HANS Device

Most technological advancements promote performance and safety in sports. The Head and Neck Support (HANS) device is common in motorsports. It protects drivers against serious injuries. For example, Dale Earnhardt succumbed to head and neck trauma at Daytona 500. The Safety, Research, and Development of NASCAR states that during Dale's era, six drivers wore the HANS device. A driver places a U-shaped gadget on their neck. The HANS device has two arms that cover the pectoral muscles.

3.Hawk-Eye Technology

Hawk-eye technology has seven advanced cameras located in a bird-eye view. They analyze the trajectory and flight of an object that players use in a tournament. It is used in cricket, rugby, volleyball, and tennis. The technology has reduced criticism due to the decisions that referees make in the field.

4.Wearable Computers

These computers help coaches track the health of their athletes. They have dramatically reduced dehydration and heart attack incidences in sports competitions. Sport firms started researching how coaches and teams can track players after Korey Stringer succumbed to heat stroke in 2001. Wearable computers have a tiny health monitor that supervises an athlete's hydration, temperature, and pulse rate.

5.Video technology

The famous Olympic hockey competition between USSR and the U.S. wasn't recorded in time. Its television broadcast began an hour after the game ended. Modern technology enables sports channels to broadcast live sports tournaments. You can view them on your phone, PC or tablet. The Betway mobile app offers the opportunity to wager on your favorite football teams, anytime and wherever you are.

6.Thermometer Pills

Each athlete needs to supervise their heart rate and visceral organs. It is tricky to manually check their health condition. Trainers take ingestible thermometer pills that move in their gastrointestinal tracts to send crucial information and about their health condition to doctors. The pills prevent death due to heat exhaustion.

7.Prosthetic Devices

Disabled athletes couldn't take part in sports in the past. Dr. Rory Cooper from the University of Pittsburgh has played a crucial role in the invention of prosthetic gadgets for athletes. They have motion sensors and cameras that report each movement an athlete makes. Dr. Rory is the director of Human Engineering Resources Laboratories in the university. A prosthetic design starts after the medic studies motion to create a personalized prosthetic.

Many technologies have emerged since 1950. They include prosthetic devices, LZR swimsuits, HANS devices, wearable computers, and the Hawk-Eye technology. In the past, sports officials often made unfair decisions. Technological advancements such as the goal-line technology help referees determine whether a goal is legit. Betway covers a variety of sports events. Besides, it provides virtual games to punters.

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