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The Top 5 Most Profitable Niches on Instagram

It used to be that you needed a well-designed, self-hosted website or blog in order to make money online. This is something that took a bit of upfront investment of both money and time to get started. These days, it’s actually possible to monetize your Instagram following, as its one of the most popular social networks around. The platform’s and potential audience are already there for you. The key is to find your target demographic and build an engaged following.

Your best chance of making that happen is to choose a niche that garners a lot of interest. If the subject matter is one that people flock to, you can build your own place within it. Check out these five profitable niches on Instagram to get some ideas of where to start.

1. Health and Fitness

Everyone wants to be healthy, both physically and mentally. And they’re willing to pay in order to reach their wellness goals. Influencers and brands that offer solid advice and information on how folks can feel and look better can do quite well within their niche. Because the topics of health and fitness cover such a vast area, you have the potential to find a particular topic that truly resonates with a dedicated audience.

Just think about the possibilities. There are a wide array of interests that fall within this category. Specific sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis and cycling come to mind. With regard to fitness, there are weight training, crossfit, jogging and aerobics just to name a few.

The new focus on mindfulness gives us yoga and meditation to consider. Healthy eating is another area to explore from a multitude of angles. If you have a passion that falls within these categories, the possibilities are endless and chances are good you can find a dedicated following.

2. Beauty

Even in a down economy, the beauty industry thrives. That’s because people always want to look their best. Cosmetics and beauty enhancers can help them to do that. This niche is another which holds a seemingly endless source of topics. An additional advantage is that it lends itself so well to a visual platform like Instagram.

If you have a knack for hairstyles or makeup application, you’re in luck. Social media users love to learn the latest hair care tips or cosmetics application techniques. While you can buy Instagram followers, you can go further by specializing in a particular interest such as caring for curls or skincare for women over 40.

The field of beauty in social media is a perfect place to showcase talent and self-expression. There are tons of brands out there looking to collaborate with one-of-a-kind influencers.

3. Travel

Travel is a bustling industry. The chance to see new places and experience unfamiliar cultures is a passion for many. Even those who aren’t able to actively travel due to financial or time constraints enjoy following others’ journeys. Once again, Instagram is the perfect arena to share gorgeous photos of faraway places and to entice all new audiences with stories of adventure.

Plus, the world of travel opens up a number of sub-niches you could focus on. People want to know how to pack, where to eat, the best sites to see and places to stay. They want to find the best deals in flights, tours and accommodations.

You can even choose a niche based on the type of traveler you wish to address. Campers, luxury tourists, outdoor enthusiasts and business travelers all have different needs and interests. Share knowledge in your area of expertise, and your target demographic will likely find you.

4. Business/Marketing

The world of business is vast. Today, people are making money and earning a living in so many different ways and on their own terms. If you’re someone who’s built a business or even a side gig and have information to share, Instagram is a perfect place for you to find others who would like to learn from you. Workers are becoming burnt out in the rat race of the traditional workforce. They’re looking for ways to capitalize on their interests and talents. They want the freedom of working independently.

There are so many ways you can reach people who are interested in business. Blogging and freelance writing are popular ways to earn money online, as are eCommerce and dropshipping ventures.

Becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business of any size, from small to corporate, is a goal many aspire to. Real estate, cryptocurrency, stocks and other types of investment are additional possibilities. Find your niche, then find your audience.

5. Fashion

Much like beauty, the fashion industry helps people to feel good about themselves. It’s an area that allows for self-expression and individuality. People are often curious about what others are wearing. Names and labels often mean something. This niche offers fashion lovers the chance to show off their flair and to help others in unique ways.

There are probably more interest areas and specialties with regard to fashion than most of us realize. Both men and women have a place in the fashion micro-influencer sphere. Plus size fashion has proven to be a popular topic that has influenced the industry and designers.

Saving money while still looking put together and fabulous has definite appeal. If clothing isn’t your thing, there’s always jewelry and other accessories. You’d be surprised what people want to know more about.

Keep these five profitable niches in mind if you’re hoping to make money using Instagram. Define your personal area of expertise and run with it. You’ll likely find a like-minded audience hungry to learn from you.

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