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How to tell if your vape is toxic, and getting a safe vape

Vaping is the new trend in town thanks to its cool and flashy perception. However, it is now time that we look beyond the glamor and attractiveness of this digital bong. The wrong product can actually cause harm and damage to your body. While a vape does offer smoke relief, we need to be aware that a counterfeit vape can be toxic. How can you tell if a vape is toxic? Here are some signs that can be a red flag for a toxic vape:

Chronic coughs

If you often experience an irritating cough that persists, then probably your vape juice is laced with harmful chemicals that irritate the throat. In most cases, you'll find that the e-liquid has a high concentration of propylene glycol, which is responsible for facilitating vaporization.

Short breaths

Habitual smokers tend to consume more vape juice compared to average smokers. For them, lung problems cannot be a shock as it is one of the long-term effects of nicotine. However, if you are an average smoker and you experience breathing difficulties, followed by mild asthmatic attacks, then there is a problem. Most commonly, the vape you are taking has abnormal high contents of Formaldehyde.

Abnormal “highness”

When you experience certain levels of "highness" that are not pleasant anymore, it now becomes nausea. When this proceeds, it can turn to vomit and diarrhea. If you experience this, then probably your vape has high concentrations of lead metals like nickel and manganese.

When you experience the above symptoms persistently, especially after smoking, then you are inhaling from a toxic vape. The next reaction should be stopping immediately; detox then later after you are fully recovered, you can buy a high quality safe and non-toxic vape.

There are also ways to tell when a vape is safe before you use it. Please note the following tips that help to determine a vape's safety:


There has been a mass transition to glass bottles because of the harmful chemicals associated with plastic materials.

Commercial labeling

From the natural look on how packaging is done you could tell if something is legit or not. For instance, a high-quality vape will cost more than a low quality because the manufacturer is paying for packaging too. On that note, perfect e-juices have high-quality labeling and, most importantly, disclaimer declaration. If you are lucky enough to get a highly-sophisticated vape juice, you can test for originality through scanning the barcode to confirm with the parent website.

Verified e-juice manufacturer

When you are buying an e-juice, try to dig deeper on the manufacturer to see if the brand is legit and has a permit to produce vape juices. This is important because juices brewed and mixed outside lab environments contaminate quickly. Another important thing, you can also do background checks regularly to ensure that qualities remain high.

Balance nicotine levels

Finally, it is important to note that the long-term effects of nicotine are irreversible and can be very harmful. Therefore, in the long run, if you still want to enjoy your nicotine dosage, then you need to train yourself on consumption levels. For instance, if you are a newbie, you can start at a higher level of say 12mg and downscale to around 2-4mg. However, note that it really needs a lot of dedication and commitment.

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