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How One Trailblazer is Helping Consumers Invest in Crypto without All the Headaches

Investment products aren't like other products because there's nothing to them that's tangible, but that doesn't mean there aren't some very bright people behind the scenes developing new ones. Just like household and technology products, investment experts have to come up with solid new opportunities for investors to grow their nest eggs in. While the popular media might not have traditionally paid these innovators much attention.

Fortunately, things are starting to change in a big way, and investors have begun to learn more about the people behind the products that they've put their money in. Perhaps even more important is the fact that the media as a whole has started to take note of these experts. With more than 15 years' worth of experience in the financial technologies field, René Louis Delrieux is an excellent example of someone who is both a mover and shaker in the industry.

He's served as a product manager at major firms like Commerzbank and Netfonds while also successfully founding a number of outside finance and technical firms. While organizations like IFNP and DTFH Deutsches Fondshaus aren't exactly household names yet, they're moving at least relatively quickly for companies of their size. Much of this has to do with the way that they interact with investors.

When investors plan to put money into an investment product, they need to make sure that it has a solid backing and has all of its non-cash assets safely stored in a way that's going to grow along with the market. René Louis Delrieux has focused on the development of various retail and institutional offerings inside of the field of digital asset management to ensure that those who trust comdirect, Commerzbank AG's fintech arm, will be putting their money into something that's ready to grow.

Many industry commentators have opined that a personal touch is missing in the financial services sector, and this is one area where René Louis' techniques are so innovative. Having started his financial career in a humble manner back in 2004 by earning a vocational training certificate from Sparkasse Mittelholstein AG, he's been able to stay grounded as far as his clients are concerned. It's important to understand the needs and concerns of those who trust their funds with a fintech company, and there are those in the industry who are saying René Louis is part of a new breed of individuals who are ready to interact with their clients on a heretofore unseen level.

Interestingly enough, René's commitment to innovation hasn't merely been in the human sphere. He's also been highly focused on technical improvements as well. For instance, he's notable for grabbing the helm of some of the first free crypto ETF savings plans anywhere in continental Europe. He managed to steer comdirect to the point where it served as the first online broker on the continent that offers ETP saving plans based around cryptocurrency tokens. Nevertheless, even in this position he never forgot his commitment to the communities that he sought to serve.

Traditionally, online brokers have always charged at least some sort of fixed amount for savings plan transactions. Some even levied a percentage for each one, but René's plans didn't come with any fees at all. While industry insiders pointed to this as an example of how someone could create an entirely new field inside of the fintech space, it's also an equally powerful example of how an individual can create an environment that's better for the end consumer. That might be why no one less than Marco A. Infuso, the managing director of 21Shares AG, has called him one of the aspiring heads of the fintech industry.

It's important to keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are an extremely new class of assets in Germany and abroad, so they're not regulated securities. Banking customers with conventional trading accounts aren't free to simply buy and store virtual tokens through them. They normally have had to use services such as Binance or Coinbase in order to create a wallet that then permits them to trade in an otherwise dangerous market that resembles the Wild West more than it does Wall Street. People clamored for something better than this bizarre turn of events, especially considering the great deal of media attention that crypto transactions had been receiving.

Asset managers following these stories have begun to create exchange-traded products that invest in tokens and then help to share their profits with their clients in much the same way that mutual funds might have. While this is likely to become a popular industry segment soon, it's only possible because of the trailblazing work of people like René Louis Delrieux who were ready to take a chance on something that was, by no means, a sure thing.

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