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Are Custom Essay Writing Services Legal?

Using academic writing services is a growing trend these days. Students worldwide trust writing their papers to specialized agencies, but some of them wonder whether these services are legal. We will consider the pros and cons to give you insights on this issue. You will comprehend whether essay writing service illegal and how to identify whether custom writing agencies in uk are trustworthy. This is an important issue because sometimes students can order a dissertation from writing services, and this cooperation will last long. Let’s consider some legal, ethical, and moral aspects of this issue.

How to Find Legal Writing Service to Complete a Dissertation?

Good news is that now you can even buy dissertation online and save your energy to defend it. If you hesitate whether you can find a legal writing service independently, but you need a safe place to buy dissertation, it’s better to examine several writing services closely. If your goal is to buy a dissertation online, examine the following parameters of writing services:

· Terms of services

· Customer reviews

· Online reputation

· Guarantees

· Disclaimer

Let’s consider each of these items to better understand the credentials of a legal essay writing service.

Terms of Services

As a rule, credible writing service places terms of services on the website so customers can check them and decide whether they would like to deal with this company. Terms of services describe the conditions that customers should adhere to before they use them. You should read these terms carefully to know your rights in the case if something goes wrong.

Customer Reviews

You will derive much information from customer reviews if you take the time to examine them. Learn from the experience of others and avoid cooperating with dishonest, illegal agencies or scammers. However, sometimes competitors place paid reviews to damage the reputation of each other. Therefore, it’s better to check special websites that collect actual customer reviews like Reddit or TrustPilot. You can judge about legality of these services by customer reviews and make the correct decision.

Online Reputation

If the company is illegal, you can easily identify it using online resources. Check out the lists of illegal companies to avoid scammers or the companies which can’t provide guarantees of high-quality services/timely delivery/money-back guarantee. Some companies may stop contacting you after you buy a paper from them. You may pay money, but never get a complete paper, or the final draft needs multiple revisions. It’s more about the moral side of the issue, not legality. However, you should get what you paid for. Also, don’t forget to ask yourself ‘is essay bot legal’ because we should make security a priority.


Any legal service should provide a money-back guarantee. You may not use this option, but you should know that if you don’t get the paper you ordered, you have the right to receive your money back. Legal writing services include this option into their terms of use. It’s up to you whether to risk your money or no, but it’s better if the company provide the money-back guarantee.


As a rule, you will be asked to consent to the disclaimer where the company of your choice insists that your paper is written for research or reference. In this way, companies absolve from the claims of being dishonest or plagiarizing. Students can use part of these papers to prepare for exams or use them as the basis for their papers. However, they can submit the whole paper bought from a writing service for grading as it is. Hence, the ethical aspect of the issue is taken into account.

Moral Aspects

The most common objections to the legality of using the services of the writing agencies are as follows:

· agencies help students cheat

· they disregard academic ethics

· they allow being lazy

In fact, all these claims can be debated. The moral aspect of this issue depends on the angle from which you’re considering this issue. From the perspectives of writing agencies they:

· assist with research, help students grasp core ideas and save their time

· they give strict conditions to customers, so they appreciate originality

· papers written by experts from writing agencies serve as the basis for future research students should conduct independently

In Summary

Writing services are different. Not all of them are legal or honest. Students should responsibly make decisions whether assign writing companies to complete their papers or no. It’s worth to do your research regarding the legality of such agencies. Ethical and moral aspects of this issue vary depending on the perspectives of different people. Students should have many choices and learn to make independent decisions about how to organize their studying process. Writing agencies offer options, and students can choose whether to write papers individually or apply for external help.

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