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Advertising is obsolete – here's why it's time to end it

By Ramsi Woodcock

Since it first became clear that Russian agents spent thousands of dollars a month on political advertising on social media in the runup to the 2016 presidential election, Americans have been asking how the powerful...

Turkey’s homemade currency crisis has truly global implications

By Can Cemgil Et Al

Turkeys recently reelected president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is blaming the sudden and dramatic decline of the Turkish lira on an international conspiracy, variously railing against an economic war and a currency plot. On...

Marvel meets Mesopotamia: how modern comics preserve ancient myths

By Louise Pryke

Ancient Mesopotamia, the region roughly encompassing modern-day Iraq, Kuwait and parts of Syria, Iran and Turkey, gave us what we could consider some of the earliest known literary superheroes. One was the hero...

Clearing: how students use social media to choose their university

By Elvira Ismagilova Et Al

The internet has undoubtedly changed the way we live and communicate. People are now able to share information not only with their friends and relatives, but also with complete strangers through the likes of Facebook,...

The royal commission should result not only in new regulation, but new education

By Dirk Baur Et Al

The Financial Services Royal Commission has not only shown that banks and their representatives have behaved appallingly, but that we need better-educated consumers. It is naive not to expect new schemes will pop up to...

A recipe for mummy preservation existed 1,500 years before the Pharaohs

By Jana Jones

Ancient Egypt continues to throw up one fabulous surprise after another. Today my colleagues and I published our analysis of an intact Egyptian prehistoric body (from around 3700-3500 BC) that had been housed in a...

Research suggests bigger banks are worse for customers

By Elizabeth Sheedy

Yet again this week, the Hayne Royal Commission has brought disturbing news of misconduct toward customers of our largest financial institutions. This time super accounts have been plundered for the benefit of...

Controlling intoxicants in Ontario is history not worth repeating

By Dan Malleck

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is making good on his buck a beer campaign promise, is pledging to put beer and wine in corner stores and has just announced his intention to give distribution of cannabis to private...

When Canada did – and didn’t – stand up for human rights

By David Webster

Justin Trudeau governments is under fire not only from Saudi government officials, but also from some Canadians who have implictly criticized Global Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland for being too aggressive in advocating...

The real promise of LSD, MDMA and mushrooms for medical science

By Erika Dyck

Psychedelic science is making a comeback. Scientific publications, therapeutic breakthroughs and cultural endorsements suggest that the historical reputation of psychedelics such as lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD),...

Truth to power: my time translating Behrouz Boochani’s masterpiece

By Omid Tofighian

The GM picks me up from the airport. I call him the GM because after the PNG Supreme Court ruled the Manus Island immigration detention centre illegal, this man was able to leave the prison and find work as the general...

Coming out at work is not a one-off event

By Raymond Trau

For many LGBTIQ+ workers coming out is a never-ending process. A recent study in the UK shows coming out at work is still a problem. Our research, to be launched in Sydney on August 27, supports this finding and further...

We asked five experts: is it possible to catch up on sleep?

By Alexandra Hansen

Its Friday and youre clocking off, and after a few sleepless nights you want to tuck yourself up early and catch up on all the sleep youve lost. But does it really work that way? During sleep our memories from the day...

Aboriginal traditions describe the complex motions of planets, the 'wandering stars' of the sky

By Duane W. Hamacher

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that this story may contain images and voices of people who have died. The five planets we can see by naked eye were known to the ancient Greeks as asteres...

In the outrage over the Trump-Putin meeting, important questions were overlooked

By Filip Slaveski

In a now famous Fox News interview with Donald Trump in February 2017, Bill OReilly asked the new US president if he respected his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. The following discussion ensued: Trump: Well, I...

Australia could house around 900,000 more migrants if we no longer let in tourists

By Raja Junankar

Many who fear Australias population boom believe we should be cutting down on immigration. They blame immigration for congestion and expenditure of environmental and other vital resources. They say Australias cities are...

Size isn't everything when it comes to the proposed UniSA-University of Adelaide merger

By Gwilym Croucher

The proposed merger between the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia is building momentum. If it proceeds, it will be the first major merger between Australian higher education institutions in...

Genoa bridge collapse: maintaining these structures is a constant battle against traffic and decay

By Marios Chryssanthopoulos

As rescue workers look for survivors in the concrete rubble that used to be part of the Morandi bridge in Genoa, Italian authorities are starting their investigation into the possible causes behind this terrible...

Suspects confess to crimes they didn't commit – here's why

By Skelton Skelton

Office clerk Stefan Kiszko spent 17 years in prison for the murder of schoolgirl Lesley Molseed in Rochdale in northwest England in 1975. Though he had confessed his guilt to the police at the time, evidence later proved...

Marikana: it's time Ramaphosa moved on accountability and reparations

By Mia Swart

The 2012 Marikana massacre in South Africas North West Province, in which 34 miners were killed by the police, remains an unhealed scar in post democratic South Africa. Two of the most important unresolved issues involve...

Lessons from Kenya on how to restore degraded land

By Leigh Ann Winowiecki Et Al

The state of the earths biodiversity the worlds variety of living organisms is in crisis. About one third of the worlds land has been severely degraded from its natural state. Some of the worst forms of degradation...

ANC expediency is messing up South Africa's land reform process

By Jannie Rossouw

Its highly likely that an amendment will be made to South Africas constitution that will allow for land expropriation without compensation following a decision to do so by the ruling party the African National Congress...

How Virtual Reality is giving the world's roller coasters a new twist

By Candice Louw

Roller coasters have been a popular attraction at theme and amusement parks around the world for more than a century. Whether its at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, in the US or the now-defunct Ratanga Junction in Cape Town,...

Hajj: how globalisation transformed the market for pilgrimage to Mecca

By Seán McLoughlin

More than 2m Muslims are currently gathering in Mecca ahead of the annual Hajj, which begins on August 19. As long as they are fit and financially able, the pilgrimage is an obligatory act of worship that followers of...

The big BBQ debate: how best to fuel your outdoor feast

By Duane Mellor

The smoky aroma of a barbecue is a familiar smell on warm sunny evenings around the world. In countries like Australia, the barbie is such an intrinsic part of the culture that open public spaces are often equipped with...

Trump’s Space Force isn't as new or as dangerous as it seems

By Cameron Hunter Et Al

Donald Trumps plans to create a Space Force have ruffled plenty of feathers and alarmed some commentators. Some argue it will merely cause a bureaucratic headache. Raising greater concerns, others have argued the Space...

'Cwtch': what the most famous Welsh-English word reveals about global dialects

By Rob Penhallurick

What is your favourite dialect word? This was a question that I should really have anticipated, but it took me by surprise. I had just talked to a packed marquee at the 2018 Hay Festival about why dialects of English...

Indonesia earthquake: how scrap tyres could stop buildings collapsing

By Juan Bernal-Sanchez

At the time of writing, 436 people have died following an earthquake in the Indonesian island of Lombok. A further 2,500 people have been hospitalised with serious injuries and over 270,000 people have been...

Madonna: pop's superlative shapeshifter turns 60 with style

By Freya Jarman

One of the first albums I owned was a tape of Madonnas 1987 remix collection You Can Dance. Im not sure where I got it from and Im not sure I even liked it but the bright red cover and Madonnas hard, direct stare are...

Darwin's theory of evolution owes more to his garden than the Galápagos

By Ben Garrod

Its one of the greatest stories in science, right up there with Neil Armstrongs small step on the moon and Jane Goodalls overhaul of ideas on non-human relationships. When naturalist Charles Darwin first set foot in the...

I went to see Pussy Riot – if they're serious protesters, I'm Sid Vicious

By Hugh McLachlan

Many years after my first punk concert, when I met Pete Shelley and the other Buzzcocks at the old Apollo Theatre in Glasgow, I was excited at the age of 69 to be in Edinburgh to attend my second one. Pussy Riots...

Anaemia: why is it still affecting women?

By Jahnavi Daru Et Al

Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world, affecting both low- and high-income countries. Although it is an easy problem to fix, it remains unfixed. Our bodies need iron to function. Too...

Scientists are developing greener plastics – the bigger challenge is moving them from lab to market

By Richard Gross

Synthetic plastics have made many aspect of modern life cheaper, safer and more convenient. However, we have failed to figure out how to get rid of them after we use them. Unlike other forms of trash, such as food and...

Small business owners are getting a new incentive to sell to their employees

By Joseph Blasi Et Al

The federal government just made it a lot easier to form an employee-owned business. In an increasingly rare example of bipartisan cooperation, President Donald Trump on Aug. 13 signed a defense bill into law that...

Finance drives everything — including your insecurity at work

By David Peetz

Theres a common link between the many things that have promoted insecurity at work: the growth of franchising; labour hire; contracting out; spin-off firms; outsourcing; global supply chains; the gig economy; and so on....

The major trade implications of the Canada-Saudi Arabia spat

By Sylvanus Kwaku Afesorgbor

A diplomatic spat between two countries may seem only political at first, but the ongoing Canada-Saudi Arabia spat could have serious economic ramifications as well. Over the years, international political economy...

Digital homework tools should be more than just the textbook as an app

By Robert Vanderburg Et Al

Schools are increasingly incorporating digital technologies into their teaching practice, raising questions about whether these technologies actually enhance the learning process. Were particularly interested the role...

How a Swiss bank was toppled by a financial scandal in Malaysia – and what can be learned from it

By Salvatore Cantale Et Al

The worlds biggest financial scandal, over missing billions from Malaysian state-run development fund 1MDB, has left the countrys former prime minister, Najib Razak, facing charges of corruption charges which he denies....

Hothouse Earth: our planet has been here before – here's what it looked like

By Jan Zalasiewicz Et Al

Even if carbon emissions are reduced to hold temperature rises at the 2C guardrail of the Paris Agreement, changes already afoot in the environment such as melting permafrost and forest die-back could accelerate warming...

You may call me a BAME author, but this misleading term hides more than it reveals

By Sheena Kalayil

Apparently, I am BAME. This places me as a contender for The Guardians BAME awards or the Jhalak prize, both aimed at BAME writers like myself. Ah, BAME this acronym, which means black, asian and minority ethnic, joins...

Five tips to get cheap train tickets – according to transport experts

By Marcus Mayers Et Al

British rail commuters are being told they are likely to face fare hikes. Price increases aside, the rules around tickets are complex and date back to the 1980s, which means theres a bewildering array of tickets available:...

Turkey's lira crisis: 'economic war' sees Erdoğan look east for new allies

By Emre Tarim

Global markets are on edge once again, this time thanks to the Turkish lira. It crashed more than 15% against the US dollar, euro and pound sterling on August 10 and continued to fall when markets reopened after the...

Children in Greenland are getting taller and healthier

By Henrik Thybo Christesen Et Al

A group of children runs down the hill towards the Knud Rasmussens museum in Ilulissat, Greenland. To a casual observer it might not be obvious, but to a researcher who is revisiting Greenland after many years, it is...

Rohingya crisis: a year since it shocked the world, what's changed?

By Abdullah Yusuf

This August marks a full year since one of the 21st centurys worst refugee crises gripped the worlds attention. In 2017, an unprecedented number of Rohingya Muslim refugees began fleeing Myanmars Rakhine state for...

Woody plants on the march: trees and shrubs are encroaching across Africa

By Zander Venter

Forests are being cleared by humans at an alarming rate. Since 2000, roughly 20% of Africas forests have been wiped out. This deforestation has serious consequences, among them a loss of biodiversity and the potential to...

Ghana is looking to outer space. It needs the law to match

By Julia Selman Ayetey

Rapid advances in space technology mean that space is no longer simply a stargazers paradise. The socio-economic benefits possible from the use of space technology and research are endless. For instance, satellite...

How fears about jobs drive anti-migrant sentiment in South Africa

By Steven Gordon

One of the major problems facing South Africa is anti-immigrant violence. The seriousness of this problem was highlighted in a recent report on hate crime in the country. These kinds of hate crime discourage long-term...

How roadblocks, not just minerals, fund rebels and conflict in the Congo

By Peer Schouten

For over a decade its been widely recognised that rebel financing in the Democratic Republic of Congo is firmly linked to mining. First discovered by the Belgians in 1904, the Congolese soil harbours a huge amount of...

How we use good deeds to justify immoral behaviour

By Nishat Babu

We all like to think of ourselves as morally sound individuals. However in doing so we often assume that morality is static that we are consistently moral to some extent over time. In reality, research suggests that most...

Five ways that natural nanotechnology could inspire human design

By John Thomas Prabhakar

Though nanotechnology is portrayed as a fairly recent human invention, nature is actually full of nanoscopic architectures. They underpin the essential functions of a variety of life forms, from bacteria to berries, wasps...

Greece exits its third bailout – but eurozone still has much to learn from the crisis

After nine years of unprecedented peacetime economic hardship, Greece exits its IMF bailout programme on August 20. So ends a series of three bailouts organised by the so-called troika of the IMF, European Central Bank and...

U.S. Treasuries surge ahead of trade talks with China; August FOMC meeting minutes in focus

10:57 AM| Commentary Economy

The U.S. Treasuries surged Monday amid a comeback in trade talks with China over tariffs this week. However, it will be a quiet start to the week in the US, with the first important diary entries being Wednesdays release...

German bunds slip in European trading ahead of 10-year auction, August manufacturing PMI

09:50 AM| Commentary Economy

The German bunds slipped during European session Monday as investors wait to watch the countrys 10-year auction, scheduled to be held on August 22, besides, the manufacturing PMI for the month of August, due on the...

Latest Commitment of Traders positions (FX) as at August 14th 2018

09:11 AM| Commentary

CFTC commitment of traders report was released on Friday (17th August) and cover positions up to Tuesday (14th August). COT report is not a complete presenter of entire market positions since the future market is...

Thailand Q2 GDP cheers market expectations; BoT seen to hike benchmark interest rate in November: ANZ Research

08:55 AM| Commentary Economy Central Banks

Thailands gross domestic product (GDP) for the second quarter of this year cheered market participants; at 4.6 percent y/y (1 percent q/q sa), Q2 2018 GDP growth came in only marginally short of ANZ Researchs...

Bitcoin volatility intensifies as price oscillates between 5.7k- 11.7k on lingering optimism of SEC’s ETF approval – Stay long hedge in CME futures

07:25 AM| Digital Currency Technicals Research & Analysis Insights & Views

Although the bulls have attempted to bounce back last week from the lows of $5,858.6 levels bears have resumed today at $6,748 levels (i.e. (7-EMAs), the bullish momentum is not convincing. As a result, the trend goes in a...

New Zealand bonds end tad higher ahead of GlobalDairyTrade price auction, Q2 retail sales

07:00 AM| Commentary Economy

The New Zealand bonds ended tad higher Monday as investors await to watch the GlobalDairyTrade (GDT) price auction and retail sales for the second quarter of this year, both scheduled to be released on August 21. At the...

JGBs trade slightly higher as geopolitical tensions continue to bother amid silent economic session

05:25 AM| Commentary Economy

Japanese government bonds traded slightly higher on the first trading day of the week as geopolitical tensions continued to bother investors sentiments, leading to a rise in demand for safe-haven bonds, thus weighing on...

Fed Hike aftermath Series: Hike probabilities over coming meetings

04:22 AM| Commentary Central Banks

FOMC increased interest rates in March and June and increased its forecast from three rate hikes in 2018 to four rate hikes. June decision was unanimous. Current Federal funds rate - 175-200 bps (Note, all calculations are...

FxWirePro: Asian markets in green, gold stabilizes above $1,180 mark

04:10 AM| Commentary

All the major Asian indices were trading on a higher note on Monday. Gold was trading around $1,185 mark while silver was trading around $14.75 mark. Japans Nikkei was trading 0.31 pct lower at 22,200.50...

Australian 10-year bond yield slumps to lowest this year amid weak risk appetite

03:50 AM| Commentary Economy

Australian government bonds rallied across the curve during early Asian session Monday as investors risk appetite remained sour ahead of U.S.-China trade talks this week. However, markets will await the Reserve Bank of...

Norway’s mainland economic growth likely to have decelerated inQ2 on subdued electricity production

21:10 PM| Commentary

The growth in Norways mainland economy is expected to have slowed down temporarily in the second quarter on subdued electricity production, noted Nordea Bank in a research report. The second quarter data is set to be...

Euro area July inflation affirms flash estimate of 2.1 pct, core rate to average 1.1 pct in 2018

19:16 PM| Commentary

The euro areas flash estimate of inflation for the month of July, released at the end of last month, had surprised on the upside, accelerating to 2.1 percent year-on-year, and the highest since December 2012. There had...

Top Stories

Digital Currency Revolution

Multi-asset investment platform eToro adds support for IOTA

10:56 AM| Digital Currency

Global investment platform eToro has announced that it has added support for IOTA, bringing the total number of cryptoassets available on its platform to 12. IOTA is currently the eleventh most popular cryptocurrency by...

Initial Coin Offering Series

FINRA’s ICO warning: Investing in SAFT contract does not ensure the offering’s regulatory compliance

09:07 AM| Digital Currency

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has issued a warning against investments in digital assets, such as initial coin offering (ICO) tokens and cryptocurrencies. In an online post dated August 16, the...

Blockchain Revolution Series

U.S. Customs and Border Protection to trial blockchain technology

06:55 AM| Digital Currency

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is going to test blockchain potential in verifying North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) certificates, American Shipper...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Hyundai-backed Hdac Technology signs MOU with blockchain real estate startup DREAMChain

08:20 AM| Digital Currency Technology

Hdac Technology AG, a blockchain-based IoT contract platform backed by Hyundai, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Dream Global Partners, establishing the foundation of a comprehensive collaborative...

Digital Currency Revolution

How modern crypto exchanges protect users deposits

By Andrew Zimine - 03:57 AM| Digital Currency

Cryptocurrency trading is becoming more and more popular with joint crypto trading volume exceeding billions of dollars. Just imagine all this money being moved, exchanged, transformed... And almost all of it is in...

Google Pixel 3 Release Date, Specs: Pixel 3 XL Seen in Public Confirms Bigger Display Notch and Chin?

09:39 AM| Technology

A photo that has been making the rounds online reportedly shows an actual Google Pixel 3 XL in use. The device in question sports the same display notch and chin designs as shown in earlier leaked renders. The said...

Why there's been a boom in discovering new species despite a biodiversity crisis

By Jean Boubli - 20:16 PM| Insights & Views Science

Something of a boom in the discovery of new species is taking place right now. It is so significant that some say it is similar to the period of the 18th and 19th centuries when European naturalists ventured into newly...

The US plan for a Space Force risks escalating a 'space arms race'

By Steven Freeland - 14:00 PM| Insights & Views Science

United States Vice President Mike Pence has confirmed overnight plans to create a Space Force as the sixth branch of the US military. He repeated comments from President Donald Trump, who had said that American...

Econotimes Series


Australia ANZ-Roy Morgan weekly consumer confidence falls sharply on pessimism over future financial, economic conditions

Australias ANZ-Roy Morgan weekly consumer confidence fell a sharp 3.5 percent last week, its third straight weekly fall. Confidence declined across all sub-indices, with particularly sharp falls in views towards future...

New Zealand bonds close lower on expectations of ease in global trade tensions ahead of GlobalDairyTrade price auctionnew z

The New Zealand bonds closed lower Tuesday as investors are expecting an ease in the global political and trade war fears ahead of the countrys GlobalDairyTrade (GDT) price auction and retail sales for the second quarter...

JGBs remain narrowly mixed in muted trading ahead of July national core CPI, FOMC meeting minutes

Japanese government bonds remained narrowly mixed Tuesday amid a muted trading session that witnessed data of little economic significance. Investors will now remain focussed on the countrys national consumer price...

Australian bonds fall across the curve as U.S.-China trade talks lift investors’ risk appetite

Australian bonds fell across the curve during early Asian session Tuesday as investors risk appetite recovered following the U.S.-China trade talks, lifting the 10-year yield from this years low seen yesterday. The...

Cryptocurrency Brief: Bitcoin tests $6,500 mark, Chinese regulators arrest 3 in $87 mln digital theft, Ethereum’s Lubin views bearishness as no hurdle to growth – Monday, August 20th, 2018

BTC/USD: Bitcoin prices, once again disappointed market participants is testing the $6,500 mark during European session Monday after Chinese regulators have arrested three individuals found accused and guilty for $87...


Abbott and Turnbull shape up for another round of an old battle

The Coalition party room on Tuesday is set for a high stakes, quite personal battle between Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull over the National Energy Guarantee, with former and current prime ministers shaping up on...

Immigration activists fighting to abolish ICE have a bigger vision

Theres a phrase being thrown around a lot these days: Abolish ICE. Its a hashtag, its used in political speeches and demonstrations, and it appears all over Facebook. What does it mean and where did it come from? ICE...

A socialist's primary win doesn't herald a workers revolution in the US

Anyone anticipating a golden dawn of Marxist-Leninist communism soon in the United States might have to wait a while longer perhaps forever. The surprise victory of socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over longtime...

Kabila's decision to step aside won't change the DRC's power dynamics

The ruling party in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), The Peoples Party for Reconciliation and Democracy, made an announcement recently that took everybody by surprise that Joseph Kabila will not be its...

'Conservative turn' will continue in Indonesian presidential election next year

The recent announcement of President Joko Jokowi Widodos running mate in his re-election bid suggests the continued strong influence of conservative groups over politics in the worlds largest Muslim population. A...


The world of plastics, in numbers

From its early beginnings during and after World War II, the commercial industry for polymers long chain synthetic molecules of which plastics are a common misnomer has grown rapidly. In 2015, over 320 million tons of...

How biobanks can help improve the integrity of scientific research

Biobanks are repositories which receive, store, process and disseminate specimens. These include DNA derived from humans and animals; bacterial strains; and environmental samples like plants and soil. Biobanks also provide...

Jupiter's magnetic fields may stop its wind bands from going deep into the gas giant

One of the most striking features of Jupiter a gaseous giant with no solid surface is the coloured bands that encircle the planet. These bands are so large and distinct that they can be seen from here on Earth using a...

Chemistry kits can help teachers ignite the spark of science

When it comes to physical sciences, South Africas pupils lag far behind their peers in other countries. The World Economic Forum ranked South Africa at 128 of 137 countries in math and science education in its most recent...

How ancient cultures explained comets and meteors

Comets and meteors have fascinated the human race since they were first spotted in the night sky. But without science and space exploration to aid understanding of what these chunks of rock and ice are, ancient cultures...


Google Pixel 3 Release Date, Features: Potential Pixel 3 XL Seen Anew Being Used in Public Transport

Just about a week since the first incident, it looks like an early model of the Google Pixel 3 XL has been spotted again in public. The said device was seen being used by someone taking the subway. The photo, like the...

OnePlus 6T Release Date, Features: Upcoming Handset Variant May Have a Confirmed Release Date

According to CNET, the OnePus 6T is currently rumored to be released in October. This mirrors the fall release of the higher-end model that usually launches before the summer that OnePlus has followed since the OnePlus 2...

'GTA' 6 Rumors, Release Date: GTA Franchise Rumored to Come Back to Vice City

GTA 6 has yet to be announced as an official game in production by Rockstar Games but fan anticipation is so great that people are talking about the yet-to-exist sequel even before Rockstar has released its most recent...

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Release Date, Features: Rockstar Games Launches ‘Collector’s Box’ with Exclusive Items, Except the Game Itself

As the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 draws near, more and more purchase options and items are being announced by Rockstar Games. The latest is the Collectors Box with an array of exclusive physical items, except for the...

‘The Sims 5’ Release Date, Features: Title Up for 2019 Announcement, 2020 Release?; Fans Hope to Explore Open World with Cars

Electronic Arts (EA) and Maxis are yet to confirm the existence of The Sims 5. But many fans are already speculating that the fifth main title installment could be announced in 2019 and will be released in 2020. In...
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