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6 Affordable Improvements to Make Your Car a Buyers’ Magnet

Selling a car? Whether you are selling to a dealer or individual, it’s not easy to get the desired offer. Prospective buyers will come prepared with facts and tools to dissect your car and destroy your expectations.

Now, unless you are selling a rarely-driven car which was bought brand new a year or two ago, your buyers will point fingers and haggle their way down to a ridiculously low price. And you will have no choice but to succumb.

No matter how old, if you have driven your car with the utmost care, you must get the price that you righteously deserve.

You can swing the deal in your favor by making the following improvements to your car, which are guaranteed to give you high returns on investment.

#1 Brakes

Squealing brakes are a soft target. Even if it’s just worn-out brake pads, your buyer may call it a system failure and try to nickel and dime you. So, before you list your car, make sure the brake pads have sufficient rubber on them and that the rotors are in good shape. Sometimes, the rotors bend out of shape. In that case, you can buy an affordable replacement to not only eliminate the squealing noise but also improve your car’s stopping power.

#2 Replace radiator hoses

Leaking radiator hoses can make your engine compartment look messy. Coolant spatters under the hood are not only unappealing but also indicate an overheating problem, which is an undisputed excuse for lowering the price.

If your coolant hoses are cracked or are leaking from joints, replace them before scheduling car viewings. While you are at it, have the radiator checked for other faults, such as a leak in the tank, bad radiator cap or thermostat.

#3 Minimise Cabin Vibrations

If your car drives rough, it tells the buyer that you have not been a considerate owner. Don’t beat yourself up yet.

As the car gets old, the cabin vibrations increase due to worn-out suspension bushings and engine mounts. The good news is that these are affordable parts and can be obtained online or from a local auto store. Also, replacing them is fairly easy.

Result? Your car will feel and drive like brand new over undulations.

#4 Check lights

Headlights, fog lamps, tail lights, turn indicators, cabin light and DRLs should be functioning properly. Most used car buyers know that a blown headlight bulb could mean a problem in the internal circuitry. Even if you try to convince the buyer that it’s just a bad bulb, you cannot change their opinion. This is where you will either lose dollars or the buyer. Therefore, it is advised to check and replace any bad bulbs or fuses beforehand.

#5 Lubricate Power Windows

With time and use, the power window regulator wears out, making a loud humming sound while rolling the glass up and down. Lubricating the power window motor and gears will reduce the humming sound, and the glass will pull up and down quietly and quickly.

# 6 Get it detailed

The icing on the cake, car detailing is a sure-shot way to impress potential buyers. Use non-sticky polish on the dashboard, door panels and upholstery. Keep it subtle and don’t apply polish on the steering wheel. For exteriors, get those minor dents and scratches buffed out and apply quality wax to ensure paint consistency.

Final Thoughts

These tips can help you sell your car on your own terms, regardless of its high mileage or year of manufacture. All this combined with good-ol’ negotiation tactics, you can flip your old car for pretty good cash.

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