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5 Top Stocks to Watch in the DOW JONES

Towards the end of April, the Dow Jones, also known as DJIA and DOW, has almost hit the highest record in the stock market. DJIA consists of the top 30 firms in the U.S. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is one of the best indexes in the stock market. It was formed in 1896 with only 12 stocks and the number has increased tremendously. Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 have been in the limelight for long. This year, Dow Jones has made a change by ending its session with 32,778.64. The DJIA index has been in the market for about 125 years now and has shown slow but steady growth making its way through the stock market in a great and calculated way. Below are the top Dow Jones stocks to watch this year.

Best Dow Jones Stocks This Year

Investors in this period need to focus and purchase stocks at the top. The best stocks that showed to be strong with relative strength last year might be the market leaders today. The top 5 stocks to watch in 2021 are Boeing, Apple, Microsoft, Disney, and Goldman Sachs.

  1. Boeing

The airplane-making company has fallen below the average line. This is according to the information given by IBD MarketSmith analysis. However, there is a likelihood that the shares are creating a new platform to shoot above the 244.18 buying point. From the analysis, Boeing shares dropped this year by 0.7%

  1. Apple

This company is among the top in Dow Jones and recorded a 3.5% on Tuesday. However, it is still below the new entry mark. Compared to the 99 Composite Rating, Apple stands at 77. This kind of rating is used to identify the possible stocks with top growth. The rating is fundamental and a primary element for investors to weigh the stock strength.

  1. Microsoft

The technology giant went down by 1.6% Tuesday. However, the Dow Jones leader’s shares have gone back to the 5%, forming a flat base of 246.23. Even if the shares have surpassed the buying zone, it is still advisable not to buy due to the decline. According to the leaderboard, Microsoft stock went down after its poor earnings report reaction.

  1. Disney

The IBD MarketSmith analysis chart has shown Disney is rising to a 203.12 buy point. However, the stock still remains below its moving average. The analysis shows that Disney went down 0.7% Tuesday. Still, it is approaching a flat base, something to watch about.

  1. Goldman Sachs

From the IBD chart analysis, GS went down 0.1% Tuesday. However, its buy point is approaching a 356.96 flat base. The GS rally on 14 April was a result of banking performance and strong trading.

As an investor, make sure you look at the current conditions in the market before making your investment. You can make good use of the IBD stock checkup to see the progress of your stock. Currently, the markets seem ready to progress to new levels regardless of the short-term rating. The stocks above could give a comeback this year. Dow 30 is not ruled by quantitative rules, unlike other indices. So, it is easy to join the investors by opening a trading account supported internationally.

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