Steve Schifferes

Steve Schifferes

Honorary Research Fellow, City, University of London
Professor Schifferes was Marjorie Deane Professor of Financial Journalism and the first Director of the Financial Journalism MA at City from 2009-2017, and is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at CityPERC.

He has a wide-ranging background in business and finance journalism, both for television and online.

Professor Schifferes reported on economics for the BBC News website, coordinating coverage of the global financial crisis, the Enron scandal, and the launch of the euro. He reported from Washington during the Obama election, the sub-prime crisis and the Iraq war; from Bangalore, Shanghai and Detroit on globalisation and its discontents; and from Bangkok, Hong Kong, Doha, Prague, Geneva and Lusaka on the world trade talks and IMF meetings and protests. He also covered economic policy in the UK, including general elections and Budget announcements.

Previously he was a current affairs television producer working for On the Record , the Money Programme (BBC) and Weekend World (LWT) , as well as a network documentary film maker examining poverty, wealth and crime in the UK for the ITV network.

Professor Schifferes has lectured around the world on the role of the media in the financial crisis, including at Tsinghua and Fudan Universities (China); Mumbai University (India); Columbia and North Carolina (USA); Helsinki (Finland) and Cologne (Germany).

He was Principal Investor for the EU-funded research project Social Sensor, aimed at detecting and verifying news on social media, In 2019 he gave the Gresham College lecture on ‘Has the Internet Changed News for Better or Worse?’. He also was an expert witness on financial journalism for the claimants in the High Court case of Sharp v. Blank, concerning the acquisition of HBOS by Lloyds Bank during the financial crisis; and Project Director for the Friends Provident Foundation funded project “Remodelling Capitalism: How Social Wealth Funds Could transform Britain.”

Professor Schifferes is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He was a BBC Reuters Fellow at Oxford University in 2006, and a Knight-Bagehot Fellow at Columbia School of Journalism in 1993-4. He was educated at Harvard and Warwick Universities, where he was a National Merit Scholar and a National Science Foundation Fellow.

Emerging Market Crisis Series

Developing countries are facing economic disaster

May 29, 2020 14:25 pm UTC| Economy

While attention in developed countries has been focused inward on the effects of the pandemic at home and the anticipated exit from lockdown, an economic and health disaster is emerging in developing counties that make up...



S. Korea losses 277,000 jobs in July to push unemployment rate up 4%

South Korea lost about 277,000 jobs in July to push the number of unemployed people to 1.13 million, up by 41,000 lost jobs from last year. The figure represents a jobless rate of 4 percent, up by 0.1 percent from last...

UK's state-funded dining scheme boosts number of shoppers by 3.8%

The number of shoppers across all British retail destinations rose 3.8 percent last week from the previous week with the start of a state-funded eating out scheme that offers 50 percent off the bill for eat-in food and...

S. Korea's 5G subscribers reach 7.37-M in June

South Koreas 5G users have reached 7.37 million in June, up by 493,101 from the May, months before the launches of new phones that will use the network. The number of 5G subscriptions is expected to rise later this...

Indonesia subjects Facebook, Apple, Disney, Tiktok to 10% VAT

Indonesia has included Facebook, The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) Pte Ltd., Tiktok Pte Ltd, and Apple Distribution International Ltd, among technology companies to be charged 10 percent value-added tax on sales to...

Malaysia urges ASEAN to purchase COVID-19 vaccine as a bloc

Malaysias Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein urged the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) members to procure the COVID-19 vaccine as a bloc to increase its availability in the...


Barack Obama, Michelle Obama to be a keynote speaker at DNC convention with Bernie Sanders and Jill Biden

Over the past several months following his endorsement of his former colleague, former president Barack Obama has actively been campaigning for Joe Biden for the upcoming November elections. As the upcoming Democratic...

Melania Trump: FLOTUS' jewelry business reportedly promoted on the White House website in 2017

Prior to becoming the first family of the United States, Donald Trump was a known real estate mogul with his family members serving as executives in the familys corporation. Even first lady Melania Trump was once known for...

Joe Biden: Donald Trump says former VP 'roped himself' into picking a woman for vice president

For months, many have been anticipating whom former vice president Joe Biden would choose as his running mate. Donald Trump weighed in once again on the presumptive Democratic nominees vice-presidential selection, saying...

Joe Biden says he will not intervene if ever Donald Trump is prosecuted by Justice Department

Despite being in office, there are already investigations launched into Donald Trump, who has also been known for interfering in cases involving his associates such as Michael Flynn and Roger Stone. Former vice president...


NASA: Lucy mission passes important milestone in preparation for Trojan asteroid mission

NASA is currently preparing for several missions such as the Artemis mission, the future Mars missions, and the Lucy mission. The agency has now made progress on the Lucy mission as it was revealed that it has now passed...

Mars mission: Colonizing the Red Planet is best done under the surface, says scientists

The future Mars mission will see astronauts setting foot on the Red Planet for the first time, with space agencies hoping to colonize Earths neighboring planet successfully. According to scientists, the best chance of...

NASA: Juno spacecraft spots storms occurring in Jupiter

Over time, space enthusiasts and scientists learn more and more about what is happening on other planets in our solar system. NASAs Juno spacecraft recently spotted storms occurring in the gas giant Jupiter. Data from...

NASA reveals how ingredients for life is distributed through space

The entire universe is made up of bits and pieces of stars and planets, with the possibility of there being life in each one. Scientists at NASA looked into how there could be life on other celestial objects, in the form...


‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Lifepath details revealed in Night City Wire episode 2

Lifepaths have been one of the anticipated features of CD Projekt Reds upcoming RPG. Luckily, the second episode of Night City Wire released on Monday revealed more information on how choosing among the Nomad, Street Kid,...

Trump’s WeChat ban could lead to a 30% iPhone sales decline, analyst suggests

Citing national security concerns, President Donald Trump has signed executive orders that will prohibit US companies from having any transactions with WeChat owner Tencent. Since it is one of the widely used apps in...

‘GTA Online’ summer update delivers the new Open Wheel Race Creator for fan-made circuits

As Rockstar Games promised, a slew of new gameplay content and improvements will be released in GTA Online to celebrate the summer season in Los Santos. The update going live this week will include a new feature allowing...

iPhone 12 could still sport a smaller display notch, here’s how

Since the first rumors that Apple is changing the design of the iPhone 12 emerged online, one of the common requests has been a smaller display notch. A recent leak seemingly suggests it is not happening, but other fans...
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