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‘World of Warcraft: Classic’ update: 4 ways Blizzard could tackle the addition of ‘The Burning Crusade’ expansion

From the “World of Warcraft Classic” announcement trailer | Photo credit: World of Warcraft channel / YouTube screenshot

Since the release of “World of Warcraft: Classic,” one of the highly debated topics among avid fans has been the future of the game. Specifically, gamers have different opinions whenever the possibility of adding “The Burning Crusade” expansion is being brought up.

Recently, those discussions felt a tad more real when select “World of Warcraft: Classic” players received a survey focused on the possibility of adding “The Burning Crusade.” It may have also given away hints at how Blizzard would handle it should the developer ultimately make a “Classic” version of the expansion.

World of Warcraft: Classic’: Is Blizzard expanding the game to “The Burning Crusade’?

Screenshots of the said survey have been circulating on Reddit discussions and included questions about a “theoretical ‘Classic’ version” of the said expansion. Further into the survey, players are asked how they would prefer to start playing a “Classic” version of “The Burning Crusade,” and Blizzard has offered four suggestions.

First, players may be given the option to proceed with their current “World of Warcraft: Classic” character on an existing server as they play toward the expansion. This scenario includes two possible options such as moving to a “Classic” server capped at level 60 or to transfer to a dedicated “The Burning Crusade” server.

The other options offer the possibility of having a new server for “The Burning Crusade.” In this case, the survey asked players if they would prefer to use a new character from level 1 or level 58.

World of Warcraft: Classic’ expansion: Is it coming for real?

As mentioned, not all “World of Warcraft: Classic” players received the survey. But Blizzard most likely knew it would stir up another round of debates on whether or not “Classic” needs the expansion. The original “The Burning Crusade” was the first expansion released for the MMORPG in 2007.

The survey also does not guarantee that the expansion is already in the works; however, it is a good indication for those in favor of having its “Classic” version. It means, at least for now, that Blizzard is very open to the possibility of expanding the “World of Warcraft: Classic” gameplay.

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