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What Does A Business Litigation Attorney Houston Do?

The city of Houston, Texas, is a fast-paced city with a business industry that is also booming. The presence of businesses and commercial establishments also mean that there is a need for business litigation attorneys. The practice of law is quite a broad one, as there are numerous fields of specialization. One of these is a litigation lawyer, particularly one in the business sector.

That said, find out more below about what it is that a litigation lawyer does on a regular day at the office:

1. They Defend Their Clients In Court

Business litigation lawyers, like Bradford T. Laney, from Houston, Texas, defend their business clients in court. After preparing the legal documents, they reason out on your behalf in front of the judge. Whatever the argument of the other party is, your business litigation lawyer is there to refute it. Hence, the job of a litigation lawyer is not just any typical office job—it requires excellent research skills and oral communication skills.

2. They Investigate Your Case

Business litigation lawyers often have long hours at work. When a client comes up to them for help, they first perform an investigation as to whether or not there is a proper case that can be filed. This pre-litigation step is critical to help make sure that the flow of the trial, come litigation time, is going to be strong and forceful. What arguments can your lawyer have against the other party if they haven’t done their research?

Here are some of the responsibilities of a business litigation lawyer during this stage:

  1. Identifying and locating witnesses
  2. Taking witness statements
  3. Interviewing you, the client

3. They Do Legal Business Research

Learning never stops in the practice of law. Especially in commercial law, where the trends and techniques are changing by the day, there is so much for the lawyer to learn, relearn, and unlearn. As a litigation lawyer prepares for trial, it is expected that they are also going to perform deep and thorough research on the case at hand. Apart from the facts of the case of the client that they are handling, your lawyer will also need substantial knowledge of the law to back them up in their arguments. Basically, they are to answer the question, “What is the basis of your argument?” Without a basis, the argument will be labeled off as weak.

Some subjects of law that they are going to study and research on include:

  1. Commercial law
  2. Civil law on partnerships, obligations, and contracts, and agencies and trusts
  3. Sales law
  4. Mercantile law
  5. Taxation law, such as matters on credit and debt

4. They Prepare Your Legal Documents

Before your case can be successfully brought to trial, some documents must be accomplished first. Apart from oral arguments, the law is very document-based. Whatever is submitted on your pleadings and on your other documents, such as evidence, is what the judge is going to base their verdict on. In addition, it is essential that a business litigation lawyer in Houston completes all these documents on time because the late filing of pleadings, or those that have gone beyond the prescription, will already bar the subsequent filing of a case. This means that no further hearing can be done, and you have just lost your right to be represented and heard in court.

5. They Try To Settle Your Case Amicably

If you think that litigation lawyers are all about litigation itself, you are wrong. Lawyers aren’t forced to bring a case to court all the time. In fact, before a case reaches the court, it is highly encouraged to try and settle the matter amicably first. Hence, whether the lawyer is representing the plaintiff or the defendant, they must prepare themselves in pursuing an amicable settlement as well. As they do their research and make all the necessary documents, they are also working hard to have the best amicable settlement for their client.

In a way, settlements before court proceedings are a win-win for both parties, as it is the best way to go. Not only does it cost less, as you will no longer have to be paying for a trial and representation fees, but the time spent going to hearings is also cut short.


A lawyer naturally helps clients solve legal issues. A business lawyer, naturally, handles the affairs of business establishments. From simple matters such as obligations and contracts, intellectual property and other transactions, to more complicated issues like taxation, a business litigation lawyer is representative of their client. Litigation lawyers, in particular, go to trial and don’t merely sit in their offices and draft documents. They speak, defend, and face judges in court.

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By Sheena Jordan
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