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WealthIntel Inc. Acquires Pioneering Proprietary Intelligent System Method of Payment and Finance From Scintilla Quantum

LAS VEGAS, March 08, 2016 -- Scintilla Quantum LLC (“Scintilla”) announced the sale of its IP assets including GobblinQ™ and Rainmaker™, both operating on the GobblinQ™ system (“GQ  System”) to development stage company WealthIntel, Inc. (“WealthIntel”), in exchange for a control position, contingent upon closing of the first Round Offering.

GobblinQ™ is a proprietary intelligent system, including methods of payment, finance, and social commerce that will incorporate among other innovative features the Rainmaker™ card program.  Patents, applications and Trademarks have been filed both in the US and internationally and are pending under the supervision of Kenyon & Kenyon LLP in New York. 

Venture capital firm Legion Capital America, controlled by investor Fabrizio Boccardi, provided seed capital to SCINTILLA with a bridge round to complete development and review of its proprietary software systems. Legion is also providing seed capital to WealthIntel to take it through completion of its first Round of financing.

George Bristol, an experienced Investment Banker who executed corporate financing transactions for Paine Webber, Prudential Securities, and Ernst &Young LLP has agreed to serve as CFO of WealthIntel, Inc. while Fabrizio Boccardi will serve as Chairman and CEO. WealthIntel is working to staff its operations to complete beta testing and development and is seeking to hire talent qualified in all aspects of the payment vertical.

"Having worked with Boccardi in the past I believe he has the vision, drive, and entrepreneurial skills to create, lead, and successfully execute the business plan. The proposed products and related technology have unique elements capable of being outstanding in the dynamic payment vertical in the US and potentially globally,” said Bristol.

“WealthIntel aims to craft unique products and new technology that provide unmatched value for consumers and merchants alike, and in due time establish a new payment method acceptable to the public at large,” said Fabrizio Boccardi.

WealthIntel is preparing a first round of financing to Beta test the GQ System and is identifying its CTO to manage and implement the innovative technology and enabled products.

WealthIntel has hired qualified advisors to identify the most suitable partners in the payment vertical.

The Law Firm of Troy Gould in Los Angeles is advising WealthIntel in connection with but not limited to its offerings of securities.

About WealthIntel, Inc. 

WealthIntel, Inc. is an American development stage technology company that designs, develops, software and sells consumer products and services in the payment, finance, banking, e-commerce and m-commerce sectors.

About Legion Capital America, LLC.
Legion Capital America, LLC, is a venture capital firm focusing in early stage companies with visionary cutting edge products.

About Scintilla Quantum, LLC
Scintilla Quantum is owner of software systems and IP in payment, finance, and social commerce.

Contact:  George Bristol - CFO
                WEALTHINTEL, INC. 

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