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‘One Piece’ episode 946 release date, spoilers, preview: How Queen plans to neutralize a rampaging Big Mom

From the Wano Kuni arc recap video | Photo credit: ToeiAnimationUS / YouTube screenshot

Queen knows he cannot match Big Mom’s strength, but he will find a way to neutralize her in “One Piece” episode 946. Meanwhile, Hyogoro has good news about Luffy’s training to use advanced Haki.

‘One Piece’ episode 946: Queen’s plan vs. Big Mom

“One Piece” episode 946 is officially titled "Stop the Emperor of the Sea! Queen's Secret Plan!” confirming that it will cover how Queen will outsmart a rampaging Big Mom. Queen and his subordinates have to deal with the Yonko as her pursuit of oshiruko have led to the destruction of the Udon Prison and other structures surrounding it.

Queen will wake up in “One Piece” episode 946 after being knocked out by Big Mom and will reveal how he plans to deal with the Yonko. In the manga, Queen likened Big Mom to a wild boar and said she would run around Udon in a lap and will return to their direction in no time.

This should turn out to be an accurate prediction in “One Piece” episode 946. Queen places the pot of oshiruko to where he thinks Big Mom will run in to lure the Yonko. Queen will be waiting from an elevated position – while in his brachiosaurus form – to gain momentum for when he dives down and head bats Big Mom with as much force as he can muster.

Obviously, this will not kill or harm Big Mom. But the force from Queen’s collision is enough to help her remember things in “One Piece” episode 946. She will also recognize who Queen is, but as she prepares to attack Kaido’s men Big Mom will suddenly fall asleep.

Queen will seize this chance to wrap Big Mom in 100% seastone handcuffs and chains as well as inject her with 100 doses of beast tranquilizer. If “One Piece” episode 946 covers this part, this means Queen and most of his men are also going to leave Udon to escort Big Mom to Kaido’s headquarters in Onigashima.

‘One Piece’ episode 946: Hyogoro tells Luffy he’s capable of advanced Haki

The same chapter where Queen’s plan was revealed was also where Hyogoro explained to Luffy that he was able to destroy the cuffs around his neck by using advanced Haki. It is the ability to destroy things from the inside, but the old man will deduce that Luffy just needs to learn the process of doing it.

‘One Piece’ episode 946 release date, where to watch

Fans will be able to watch “One Piece” episode 945 on Sunday, Oct. 18. A simulcast will be available through paid platforms Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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