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Kevin McCarthy's unearthed interview brings 'powerful evidence' against Donald Trump over Capitol insurrection

VOA/Wikimedia Commons

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is facing some scrutiny from the congressional committee investigating the Capitol insurrection of January 6. A former federal prosecutor said that the recently unearthed radio interview of McCarthy about the insurrection brings forward strong evidence against former President Donald Trump over the riots.

Friday last week, former federal prosecutor Elie Honig weighed in on the recently unearthed radio interview of the House Minority Leader. In the interview, McCarthy further condemned the insurrection and revealed that the twice-impeached, former president told him that he bears some responsibility for the insurrection that took place. Honig pointed out that the revelation presents strong evidence of Trump’s culpability.

Host Wolf Blitzer touched on McCarthy’s recent comments, that he has no other information to provide with the congressional committee before noting that the interview proves otherwise. The unearthed comments also come amidst McCarthy’s refusal to cooperate with the panel.

“It’s complete nonsense and it’s simply not true,” said Honig. “This new piece of tape where McCarthy says Donald Trump acknowledged he has some responsibility, that’s extraordinarily powerful evidence. That’s an admission of some culpability by Donald Trump to Kevin McCarthy. And the committee is right to be very much focused on that.”

“That was the old McCarthy, before his voyage down to Mar-a-Lago,” Honig continued, referring to McCarthy’s sudden reversal in his stance towards the insurrection, in which he publicly said that Trump had some responsibility for inciting the violence. “He seems to have emerged as a different person with a different take on facts and reality.”

Meanwhile, McCarthy came under fire from netizens over his recent comments honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. McCarthy and the entire Republican Party have opposed the voting rights bills that are currently up for debate and vote in the Senate, despite the civil rights leader himself fighting for voting rights. The voting rights bills passed the House along party lines.

McCarthy’s tweet commemorating MLK Day led to backlash with many netizens accusing him and the entire GOP of hypocrisy.

“How dare you quote King as you try to take voting rights as a party away from America’s people!” said one netizen.

“LOL here comes the GOP with the MLK quotes. The GOP represents everything MLK was against,” said another commenter.

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