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How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is a video content creation platform that has transformed our media consumption. YouTube has enabled content creators to not only create content but also share and monetize their content. Therefore, as a viewer, you must have come across a lot of video content and even getting lost to your favorite YouTube Channel.

When it comes tomaking money on YouTube, the first people that may come to your mind could be your favorite stars who have a huge following on YouTube. Apparently, do you know that there are a lot of unpopular content creators on YouTube that that are making a lot of money on YouTube too?

One wonders, how lucrative is this YouTube platform? Well, according to 2016 statistics, all the top 10 YouTubers earned over $5Million with the top earner PewDiePie, a Swedish Online Gamer and Prankster earning $15 Million alone.

With that being said, let now see how you can also earn money on YouTube by making videos.

1. Identify a Niche

The first thing to do is to identify a niche which will then determine your audience. You need to go for a specific niche that is popular with a lot of searches and one that you can manage to create content around it easily.

Go for a niche that you are interested in and one that you are well conversant with. By choosing something that you love and understand, it will be easier for you to create constant videos and you will keep your audience hooked to your channel.

Some of popular and thriving YouTube niches are not limited to Music, Gaming, Beauty and Fashion, Pets and Animals as well as Comedy. Remember, you can still pick on a niche and be very narrow and specific on it. For instance, under Wellness and Fitness niche, you can choose to narrow down to running to reducing weight. A well-defined niche will make it easier for you to create videos and make money on YouTube.

2. Start CreatingContent

Next, you need to set up your channel by giving it a name, and other personal details required. After that, you need to get started by creating quality and great content that willattract many views. In content creation, content is the king. Therefore, your video content must be creative, educative and highly engaging.

3. Expand your Audience

Once you have created great content, you can now start to grow your YouTube subscribers.Growing of audience could be organic through YouTube searches or through electronic word of mouth on social media platforms urging friends subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Moreover, you can also grow your YouTube channel by creating and posting videos consistently. You can choose certain days to post so that your followers can know when to expect new videos. To get more tips on how to grow your YouTube channel check out YouTube’s Creator Academy.

4. Monetize your YouTube Channel

When you have now posted a number of videos to your YouTube channel, you need to monetize your channel so that you can begin earning from it. With YouTube, you can earn through two types of advertising namely: displays ads and video ads.

Display ads are those banner-like ads that appear at the bottom of the video while video ads are the video that appears at the beginning of a video and are skippable. To be eligible to get these YouTube ads you should have surpassed 10, 000 public views. Also, note that if you apply and fail to get the ads, you will have to wait for 30 days before applying for the YouTube ads again.

To be able to get your YouTube earnings, you will need to create aGoogle AdSense account and if you are already havingone,you just have to link them up. Google AdSense is Google’s advertising that works across all its network content sites.

After, setting your AdSense account you need to set up your monetization preferences. You need to choose the type of ads to be displayed and the type of video that needs to play.To make the most out YouTube you need to ensure that you set the ads to be displayed on all your uploaded videos and to the future videos you will upload. On the other hand, you can also choose selectively on which display ads and video ads you want to be displayed.

What you earn on YouTube greatly varies depending on the value of ads on the videos as well as your audience.Since you might want to know what you can earn or the value of your YouTube channel, InflueNex tool comes in handy with its newly incorporated InfluenNex YouTube money calculator.

How to use InflueNex Money Calculator Check Your Estimate Earnings

There are two ways to use InflueNex YouTube money calculator.

Method 1. Evaluate a Specific Channel Directly

Step 1. First, go to the YouTube money calculator page.From there, go to YouTube and copy theURL link of your YouTube channel or a YouTube channel that you want to analyze.

Step 2. After that, you can now paste the copied URL on the search bar and click on the Search button to begin analyzing the YouTube channel. Result will display on the same page.

Method 2. Calculate Channel’s Value

Step 1. With InflueNex, you can also estimate YouTube value by using the channel’s viewership detail. Just scroll down the page and you will see a calculator with movable siders on “Daily views” and “CPM” icons.

5. Grow your Reach

Besides the Google ads, you can also make money on YouTube through brand endorsements. Brands often go for YouTube creators with high views as it translates to a wider reach. Therefore, you need to also focus on increasing your reach. When you have the right niche, you do not have to have a million subscribers to get the sponsored ads by brands since you have the right target audience they are looking for. You can link external YouTube users on to your videos and make sales.

Furthermore, YouTube content creators have other ways of making money like selling branded T-shirt and Posters among others. You can link external YouTube users to your videos and make sales.

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