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'Among Us' update: Accounts are 'close' to getting released

From the trailer of 'Among Us - The Airship' | Innersloth / YouTube screenshot

When "Among Us" became one of the biggest hits of 2020, gamers and developers soon realized the need for an accounts system. Innersloth previously announced it is one of their priorities moving forward, and the developer's latest update says the feature is "close" to getting released.

'Among Us' is close to getting accounts

Innersloth's latest devlog sums up some of the most significant achievements the indie studio saw in 2020 after "Among Us" became one of the most popular video games during the pandemic. After receiving prestigious awards and getting console releases, the developer also reminds fans of some of the significant updates planned for 2021.

The "Among Us" developer reiterated that the accounts system is high up on their to-do list. While Innersloth did not provide a release window, the studio said it is close. "We want to make sure it isn't half-baked before implementing," Innersloth wrote. "Trust me - you do not want a bad reporting system with no accountability behind it."

Right now, players do not have to make an account to start playing "Among Us." They can play with their friends by joining the same server using a code. However, the game's immense popularity in 2020 also led to some adverse outcomes, such as the spike in hacking and cheating activities by bad players.

While Innersloth managed to handle the situation and minimize its negative effects on well-intentioned players, gamers and developers realized having an accounts system is one permanent solution. It would be easier to report or flag suspicious players with user profiles.

The developers confirmed that the moderation aspect of the accounts system is their primary focus. But they also assured "Among Us" fans that they heard other related requests such as friends and saved stats system.

Other major 'Among Us' updates in 2021

Another confirmed update arriving this year is the free and fourth gameplay map called The Airship. Innersloth has yet to provide a specific release date, but its "early 2021" launch timeline was reiterated in the devlog.

"Among Us" marked its first console launch on Nintendo Switch last December. The game is also set to release on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S this year.

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