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Will Puerto Ricans return home after Hurricane María?

By Alexis R. Santos-Lozada

Even before this years devastating hurricane season, the team of demographers I work with at Penn State and the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics had predicted that the population of Puerto Rico would decline over the...

Revealed: legal advice for asylum seekers disappearing due to legal aid cuts

By Jo Wilding

Ever since changes were introduced in 2013 to the way legal aid works in England and Wales, campaigners, judges and politicians have been telling the government that many people are now unable to access legal advice and...

High Court strikes again – knocking out Government Senate replacement

By Michelle Grattan

The High Court has ruled out Liberal Hollie Hughes as a replacement for former Nationals senator Fiona Nash, on the grounds that she had an office of profit under the crown during the election period. Once again, the...

Why Puerto Rico is getting the brunt of 'donor fatigue'

By Samantha Penta

Recovering from disasters is never easy. When disasters pile up, it gets harder. On top of the inevitable competition for everything from the governments funding for recovery efforts to construction materials, donations...

From Public Confessions to Public Trials: The Complexities of the "Weinstein Effect"

By Lauren Rosewarne

As the Weinstein effect sweeps Hollywood, the sex/gender/pop culture clash that is my passion project has led to lots of conversations, oftentimes on air. At some point during interviews therell be a question about change:...

Green finance? Why global banks are pledging billions to fight climate change

By Simon Wilde

Banking giant HSBC has pledged US$100 billion (76 billion) to fight climate change, to be spent on sustainable finance and investment over the next eight years. It also commits to increasing its own use of renewable energy...

Sheep can recognise celebrities from photographs, says amusing study with serious potential

By Catherine Douglas

Sheep are surprisingly smart. New research from the University of Cambridge shows the animals can learn to recognise people from photographs, even people theyve never seen in real life, such as celebrities. The...

How to take the stress out of Europe's busiest shopping street – rerouting traffic is just the first step

By Nick Tyler

Every day, some 500,000 people walk along Oxford Street in London Europes busiest shopping street. Now, the citys mayor, Sadiq Khan, has proposed a plan to divert buses and taxis on to other parallel roads and redesign...

How blockchain technology has medieval roots

By Victoria Lemieux

Blockchain is an emergent technology that may be as transformative as the Internet, according to many predictions. But this innovative new technology has a surprising link to the days of medieval treasuries. Blockchain...

EU citizens' rights and Brexit negotiations: both sides could be violating human rights law

By Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos

Around 5m European citizens affected by the outcome of the UK referendum (EU citizens in the UK, and British citizens in the EU) have been living in a state of uncertainty for more than 500 days. Months on from the EU...

Shipbuilding in Britain: how to reboot it

By Paul Stott

The UK has a new strategy for shipbuilding. After a 20th century marked by a painful decline in UK shipbuilding, it is not about to resume global dominance. There is, however, a chance to leave the past behind and revive...

Why people have long questioned the point of public inquiries

By Simon Peplow

The Grenfell Tower fire inquiry has received more than 500 requests from individuals and organisations seeking core participant status. This would allow them advance knowledge of some evidence, and the opportunity to make...

Gun violence in the US kills more black people and urban dwellers

By Michael Siegel Et Al

On Nov. 5, just 35 days after the deadly Las Vegas shooting, a man walked into a church in a small Texas town and murdered 26 people with an assault rifle. The coverage dominated the news. But the day before, even more...

As angry voters reject major parties, Mexico's 2018 presidential race grows chaotic

By Salvador Vázquez del Mercado

Salvador Vázquez del Mercado, Conacyt Research Professor, National Laboratory of Public Policy, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas Mexicos 2018 campaign season has not officially begun,...

When Americans tried – and failed – to reunite Christianity

By David Mislin

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther, a German monk, initiated a split in Christianity that came to be known as the Protestant Reformation. After the Reformation, deep divisions between Protestants and Catholics...

The challenge of authenticating real humans in a digital world

By Jungwoo Ryoo

Proving identity is a routine part of modern daily life. Many people must show a drivers license to buy alcohol at a store, flash an ID card to security guards at work, enter passwords and passcodes to retrieve email and...

GOP plan to tax college endowments like Yale's and Harvard's would be neither fair nor effective

By Jay L. Zagorsky

Tucked away in the recently announced GOP tax bill is a small item you may have missed: a new tax on university endowments. As I have spent decades working in higher education, the proposal immediately piqued my...

Counselling doesn't work in the long term

By Robin Bailey

Person-centred counselling is one of the most popular treatments for mental health problems. Often just shortened to counselling, the approach focuses on how patients view themselves in the here and now, rather than how a...

The world is in economic, political and environmental gridlock – here's why

By Thomas Hale Et Al

The crisis of contemporary democracy has become a major subject of political science in recent years. Despite this, the symptoms of this crisis the vote for Brexit and Trump, among others were not foreseen. Nor were the...

Why financial inequality can't simply be blamed on older people hoarding their wealth

By Karen Rowlingson

Millennials are typically spending three times as much money on housing costs as their grandparents, according to recent research from the Resolution Foundation think tank. It has warned of a tight spending squeeze for...

Health Check: which sports supplements actually work?

By Krissy Kendall

Whether your goal is to increase strength, decrease body fat or improve overall performance, adding supplements to your daily regimen can give you that extra edge. But with thousands of products on the market, choosing the...

From selfie to infinity: Yayoi Kusama’s amazing technicoloured dreamscape

By Chari Larsson

Yayoi Kusama is arguably Japans most famous living artist. Born in 1929, she is one of the few practising artists whose work spans the most important isms of the 20th century. At the same time, her work is undeniably...

It's time for a royal commission into banking regulation

By Pat McConnell

The handling of recent financial scandals show that regulators are confused about what they do, or should do. And as a result the regulation of the financial system, which is vital to a strong functioning economy, is just...

You may be sick of worrying about online privacy, but 'surveillance apathy' is also a problem

By Siobhan Lyons

We all seem worried about privacy. Though its not only privacy itself we should be concerned about: its also our attitudes towards privacy that are important. When we stop caring about our digital privacy, we witness...

Three strategies to fight the tax avoidance revealed by the Paradise Papers

By Roman Lanis Et Al

The release of more than 13 million financial and tax documents known as the Paradise Papers show that the Panama Papers last year and LuxLeaks in 2014 were just the tip of the tax avoidance iceberg. It also shows that the...

Facing uncertain future, fossil fuel workers want retraining in renewables

By Andrew Voysey

A top talking point at the United Nations climate talks in Bonn, Germany, this month is President Donald Trumps plan to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement. The decision follows Trumps campaign commitment...

Sears Canada tarnishes the gold standard of pensions

By Michael J. Armstrong

Like many department stores, Sears Canada has struggled with competition from specialty stores and online retailers. Its bankruptcy will eliminate some 12,000 jobs and leave 16,000 retirees worried about their...

How do we turn a drain into valued green space? First, ask the residents

By Leila Mahmoudi Farahani

This article is based on a paper being presented at the State of Australian Cities Conference in Adelaide, November 28-30. The green infrastructure of our cities includes both publicly owned, designed and delineated...

Why China's deals with Saudi Arabia could be the beginning of a profitable new relationship

By Timo A. Kivimäki

The Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaolis visit to Saudi Arabia in the summer of 2017 was a deal maker. There was agreement on a US$20 billion Sino-Saudi investment fund, along with discussions of nuclear energy projects and...

China's Singles Day retail phenomenon will blow Black Friday out the water

By Nelson Blackley

For the past few years, Black Friday has become a focal point for many US and UK retailers and for media outlets hungry for images of shoppers bursting into stores in pursuit of posh televisions. The event, supposedly...

The public's knowledge of anatomy is sketchy – here's why it matters

By Adam Taylor

British people dont seem to know their armpit from their elbow. Our latest study found that only 15% of the participants could locate their adrenal glands, and only 20% knew where their spleen and gallbladder...

The long, strange history of dieting fads

By Melissa Wdowik

Of all the parasites that affect humanity I do not know of, nor can I imagine, any more distressing than that of Obesity. So started William Bantings Letter on Corpulence, likely the first diet book ever published....

3 things I learned from delivering medical aid to a remote part of Puerto Rico

By Asa Oxner Myers

I belong to a group called Doctors for Puerto Rico. We have been dispatching medicine and small teams of medical staff to the island, in coordination with local health authorities since two-and-a-half weeks after...

Latino elites are paying the California dream forward

By Jody Agius Vallejo

American Latino economic elites have incomes and wealth in the top 5 percent of earners. Some own multi-million-dollar companies or work as corporate executives. Latino politicians like Kevin De León, who is...

Does American culture shame too much – or not enough?

By Peter Stearns

The word shameless is being tossed around an awful lot these days, which might speak to what many see as the countrys increasingly coarse, vitriolic political discourse. Perhaps, the thinking goes, American culture could...

Forget turning straw into gold, farmers can turn trash into energy

By Craig Baillie Et Al

Mention agriculture to many Australians and it conjures up images of mobs of cattle in the dusty outback, or harvesters gobbling up expanses of golden wheat. In reality, much of our high-value agriculture is near the...

Forcing the banks to hand over our credit history might help with a home loan but it has risks

By Justin Malbon

The federal government will be forcing banks to hand over half their credit data ready for reporting by mid-2018 (with the remainder available in 2019). It seems rather quaint in the age of big data that the big four...

How Nike's hijab sports gear is taking on Islamophobia and patriarchy

By Nuraan Davids

In March, when sports manufacturer Nike launched its Nike Pro Hijab, it made obvious business sense. What Nike - perhaps inadvertently ̶ has done, is to legitimise the hijab across two very different narratives. One is...

Why tech giants are investing millions in AI that can play video games

By Peter Cowling

Artificial intelligence researchers at Elon Musks OpenAI project recently made a big advance by winning a video game. Unlike recent AI victories over top human players in the games of Go and poker, this AI breakthrough...

What Martin Luther's Reformation tells us about history and memory

By Peter Marshall

The story we tell of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago is a window on how the past speaks to the present, and how the present imposes itself on the past. It is a story everyone, more or less, is...

Don't rely on China: North Korea won't kowtow to Beijing

By Katharine H.S. Moon

Those who want to end North Koreas nuclear threats often point to China as the sole actor who could save the day by making Kim Jong-Un and his regime stand down. Beijing provides about 90 percent of imports that North...

The ethics of human robots: Sam Jinks brings an artist's perspective to the discourse

By Anita Pisch

With little time to bask in the critical success of current shows at the NGA (Hyper Real) and Art Gallery of Ballarat (Romancing the Skull), Melbourne artist Sam Jinks is back in his Coburg studio, surrounded by heads and...

video Will the iPhone X be a hit beyond Apple diehards?: 3 questions answered

By John Jordan

Editors note: As consumers eager to get their hands on Apples 10th anniversary phone line up online to be among the first to buy one, a few questions remain. Known as the iPhone X, the device starts at about US$1,000 and...

Catalonia crisis: Spain enters unchartered territory following Madrid move to end autonomy

By Georgina Blakeley

Shortly after Catalonias parliament in Barcelona voted to declare independence from Spain on October 27, the senate in Madrid voted to trigger Article 155 of the Spanish constitution, removing Catalonias autonomy. In...

Brexit: why Macron has more room to manoeuvre than May and Merkel

By Patricia Hogwood

Despite the valiant efforts of both the EU and the UK to uphold confidence in the Brexit negotiations process, its clear the talks have been deeply unsatisfactory for both sides. Fundamental conflicts of interest and...

China's ambition burns bright - with Xi Jinping firmly in charge

By Nick Bisley

The most important political event of 2017, the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress, has concluded. And while there was much to digest, one image above all stands out: Xi Jinpings political dominance and his burning...

Replacing pharmacists with robots isn't the answer to better productivity

By Helen Dickinson

Reforming pharmacy services and the role of pharmacists is one of the recommendations made in a five-year review of the nations productivity, released yesterday. The Productivity Commissions report, Shifting the Dial,...

Why aren't we curing the world's most curable diseases?

By Katherine J. Wu

Once upon a time, the world suffered. In 1987, 20 million people across the world were plagued by a debilitating, painful and potentially blinding disease called river blindness. This parasitic infection caused pain,...

5G will be a convenient but expensive alternative to the NBN

By Rod Tucker

Will Australias National Broadband Networks (NBN) face damaging competition from the upcoming 5G network? NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow thinks so. This week, he even floated the idea of a levy on 5G broadband services,...

What is behind the rising price of butter?

By Brigit Busicchia

Have you noticed that some of Australias favourite baked goods, such as croissants and buttery biscuits, have been creeping up in price? This becomes less surprising when one considers that globally, the price of butter...

Online learning can prepare students for a fast-changing future – wherever they are

Take a moment to think back to the first classroom you ever entered, whether it was at school, or nursery, chances are there was a blackboard, with coloured chalk where you focused most of your attention. You were probably...

Euro area external surpluses remain large in September

19:40 PM| Commentary

The euro areas external surpluses continue to be large despite the considerable appreciation of the euro witnessed earlier in the year. In September, the euro area current account surplus rose to a record high of EUR 37.8...

U.S. housing starts rebound in October, housing market’s fundamental remain strong

16:55 PM| Commentary

Homebuilding recovered in October after the homebuilding activity was disrupted in August and September due to the hurricanes. Housing starts rose 155k to 1290k, coming in above consensus expectations for a rise in...

Canada’s headline inflation decelerates year-on-year in October

16:24 PM| Commentary

Canadas headline inflation decelerated in October, coming in line with expectations. Consumer price inflation dropped to 1.4 percent year-on-year. Sequentially, the consumer prices rose 0.2 percent. A slowdown in gasoline...

Oil in Global Economy Series: Ecuador to ask for no exemption at OPEC meeting

15:32 PM| Commentary

In July this year, Ecuador energized the oil bulls with an announcement that it is going to opt out of the OPEC agreement and become the first country to move out the agreement which was forged in November 2015 with an aim...

Global Geo-political Series: Russia vetoes U.S. proposal on Syria chemical weapons; gets its own blocked too

14:51 PM| Commentary

Russia called the United States proposal on Syria chemical weapons probe as flawed and unbalanced and vetoed it when it was put for a vote at the United Nations Security Council. It saw its own proposal on the issue get...

Euro area construction output rises in September

14:25 PM| Commentary

Euro area construction output rose sequentially in the month of September. On a month-on-month basis, construction sector saw a rise of 0.1 percent, showed the official statistics office Eurostat. It had remained stable in...

Malaysian economy expands above expectations in Q3, likely to grow 5.5 pct in 2017

13:36 PM| Commentary

The Malaysian economic growth came in higher than market expectations in the third quarter. The economy grew 6.2 percent year-on-year and 1.8 percent sequentially, as compared with market expectation of 5.7 percent...

Moody’s upgrades India’s sovereign rating to Baa2 with stable outlook

12:56 PM| Commentary

Moodys Investors Service upgraded Indias sovereign rating today to Baa2 from Baa3 with a stable outlook. This upgrade puts Moodys one notch ahead of Fitch and SP, which currently has India on BBB- (stable), noted ANZ in a...

U.S. under Trump Series: Dollar under Pressure as special counsel Mueller subpoenas Trump campaign for more documents

12:35 PM| Commentary

The U.S. dollar index came under pressure on the last trading day of the week as reports surfaced that special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating any possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia has...

U.S. Treasuries flat in muted trading session         

10:56 AM| Commentary Economy

The U.S. Treasuries remained flat Friday as investors remained sidelined in any major trading activity amid a silent session that witnessed data of little economic significance. The yield on the benchmark 10-year...

German bunds lose ground after ECB President Draghi points to solid economic expansion in eurozone

09:15 AM| Commentary Economy

The German bunds lost ground on the last trading day of the week after European Central Bank President Mario Draghi delivered an optimistic speech at the Frankfurt European Banking Congress today. The German 10-year...

Saudi purge: Arrested Royals and officials given offer of freedom against large cash/assets

08:00 AM| Commentary

According to a report by Financial Times, arrested Royals, businessmen, and senior officials have been offered freedom against cash or assets. The corruption Committee led by the new Crown Prince Mohammad bin-Salman (MbS),...

Top Stories

Digital Currency Revolution Blockchain Revolution Series

Digital Currency and Blockchain Weekly Round-up – November 17th, 2017

10:54 AM| Digital Currency

MAS collaborates with MIT Media Lab, focuses on DLT application in financial industry The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced its collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media...

Initial Coin Offering Series

Overstock subsidiary tØ to launch token sale on December 18

08:47 AM| Digital Currency

tØ, a subsidiary of online retail giant focused on blockchain technology, has announced that its token sale, utilizing a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (or SAFT), will commence on December 18,...

Cryptocurrency Expert Sees Bitcoin Forks The Same As Natural Selection, The Strong Survive

14:53 PM| Technology

The matter of Bitcoin splitting into multiple entities has sparked a debate within the cryptocurrency community. Some say that it is terrible for the digital currency because it undermines its strength. There are also...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Wipro, SAP to develop blockchain use cases for utilities industry

05:51 AM| Digital Currency

Indian IT giant Wipro has joined forces with enterprise application software provider SAP to develop blockchain use cases for the utilities industry. The announcement comes as Wipro recently launched industry-specific...

Scientists Want To Mimic Volcano Eruptions To Cool Earth

14:51 PM| Technology

With the planet warming at an accelerated rate, scientists are coming up with ever more creative ways to head off a catastrophe. Now theres a plan to actually mimic volcano eruptions in order to cool the temperature of the...

Blockchain Revolution Series

American Express announces blockchain-powered cross-border B2B payments via Ripple network

05:06 AM| Digital Currency

Credit card giant American Express has unveiled blockchain-enabled, business-to-business cross-border payments. According to the official release, AmEx FX International Payments (FXIP) business, in collaboration with...

Google Uses New ID System To Fight Fake News, Facebook And Microsoft Join In

14:51 PM| Technology

The war against fake news is ramping up and tech giants are using a new weapon that basically acts as an ID system. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are using a new program that essentially identifies...

Blockchain Revolution Series

KPMG joins Crypto Valley Association as first strategic partner

04:16 AM| Digital Currency

The Crypto Valley Association (CVA) has announced that KPMG Switzerland, a leading provider of audit, tax and advisory services, is joining the CVA as its first Strategic Partner. With this, the CVA also revealed that...

Facebook’s New Weapon In War Against YouTube Is Facebook Creator App

14:51 PM| Technology

In its latest attempt to attract video creators who are currently monopolized by YouTube, Facebook is launching a new app called Facebook Creator. Its basically Facebook Mentions with some updated features that make it...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Prudential, StarHub partner to launch blockchain-based digital trade platform in Singapore

02:45 AM| Fintech Digital Currency

Prudential Singapore and StarHub have partnered to launch a blockchain-based digital trade platform for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Dubbed Fasttrack Trade (FTT), the platform would enable SMEs to seek...

Blockchain Revolution Series

E&Y expands blockchain talent and facilities in Europe with multimillion dollar investment

10:07 AM| Digital Currency

EY has announced a multimillion-dollar investment in blockchain talent, technology and facilities in Europe. The firm said that it is expanding its European teams that develop innovative blockchain-based products to...

Blockchain Revolution Series

IBM and leading banks complete POC of blockchain-based shared KYC

08:25 AM| Digital Currency

IBM has successfully completed the Phase I proof-of-concept (POC) of its Shared Corporate Know Your Customer (KYC) project. The project is being conducted in collaboration with Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Mitsubishi UFJ...

Econotimes Series


New Zealand bonds close narrowly mixed ahead of GDT auction

New Zealand bonds closed narrowly mixed on Tuesday as investors awaited Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction scheduled to be held today. At the time of closing, the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note, which moves...

JGBs trade tad higher in quiet session ahead of Thanksgiving Day

Japanese bonds traded a tad higher on Tuesday as investors remained sidelined in any major deal ahead of the Thanksgiving Day holiday. The similar trend has been observed in the U.S. Treasuries, which saw a downward...

Australian bond yields remain little higher as RBA meeting minutes provide no surprises

Australian government bonds remained little loweron Tuesdayas the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) November monetary policy meeting minutes provided no surprises to the market. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury...

U.S. Treasuries gain in muted trading session; eyes on Fed Chair Yellen’s speech

The U.S. Treasuries slightly gained Monday as investors remained sidelined in any major trading activity amid a silent session that witnessed data of little economic significance. Participants are now waiting to watch the...

EUR/USD likely to appreciate gradually towards 1.25-1.26 by end of 2018, says Credit Agricole CIB

The EUR/USD currency pair is expected to gradually appreciate towards the 1.25-1.26 level by the end of 2018, according to a recent report by Credit Agricole CIB. That said, risks for the pair remain tilted to the upside...


Why PR agencies and their spin should be the subject of greater scrutiny

It was one of the biggest and best-known British PR agencies around. So when Bell Pottinger came crashing down earlier this year, you could be forgiven for wondering why it hadnt prepared a better crisis strategy to deal...

Kuwait's economic interest in mediating the Qatar-Gulf crisis

A blockade against Qatar by its Gulf neighbours is now in its fifth month. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates severed socio-economic ties with Qatar as punishment for its alleged support of terrorism...

Xi Jinping sets out plans to make China great again

In 1793, in his letter to Britains King George III, Chinas Qianlong emperor rejected all the British requests to improve the state of trade between England and China. After all, the Middle Kingdom possesses all things in...

Terrorist leaders in the Philippines are dead – will democracy be restored?

For almost five months, 21 million people in the southern Philippines have been living under martial law. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law in the province of Mindanao in May in response to...

Why the new banking laws won’t be the slam dunk the government is expecting

The federal government is set to enact new laws covering Australian banks, senior executives and directors. Called the Banking Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR), it imposes new legal obligations on banks and their...


Cancer Patient Injected With Vaccine For The First Time

Cancer is one of the last remaining major illnesses that still does not have a vaccine, but human trials have finally begun to change all this. Moderna Therapeutics just injected a patient with a cancer vaccine for the...

New Zealand’s Plan To Weaponize CRISPR To Annihilate Pests Sparks Debate In Scientific Community

Its always the same story. Governments want to use science as a weapon of mass destruction, certain members of the scientific community speak up about the potential consequences, and the debates ensue. In the case of New...

Scientists Achieved Real-Time Gene Editing In Live Human Subject For The First Time

Gene editing is considered by many as the future of medicine. The potential uses attributed to the field range from curing all kinds of diseases to making humans practically invulnerable. For the first time, scientists...

Scientist Proves Brain Implant Can Improve Memory By 30%

These days, one of the hottest topics in the tech and medical industries is the matter of cybernetics or merging man with machine. A scientist has recently advanced this field by demonstrating how a brain implant can...

FDA Approves New Smart Pill, Raises Concerns Of U.S. Government Spying

For the most part, developing new medical technologies is a huge benefit to people. Take for instance the smart pill that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just approved, which is meant to monitor if patients are...


EA Scrambles To Fix Need For Speed Loot Boxes In Light Of Battlefront II Outrage

In a way, its almost admirable how Electric Arts (EA) believed it could push a pay-to-win (P2W) system in a full-priced game worth $60 like Star Wars Battlefront II and gamers would not mind. Unfortunately for the...

DJI Offers $30K In Bug Bounty Program Then Threatens To Sue Cybersecurity Researcher

Bug bounty programs have become common in the tech industry, with companies offering money to white hat hackers who will then find security problems for them. DJI did the same thing in August, which resulted in a security...

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Phone Gets Official Support Page

Not a lot of U.S. consumers might know this, but Samsung also has its own smartphone offering with the letter X on it. Its the Galaxy X and it has been the subject of rumors for years. Thanks to the addition of a support...

Tesla Roadster 2.0 Goes 0-60Mphs In 1.9 Seconds And Might Fly

Last week, Elon Musk got on stage to showcase his new electric semi and the new version of the companys Roadster. The CEO rattled specs that elicited screams of excitement from the audience, including acceleration of...

Apple’s Female Diversity Chief Resigning Following Outrage Over ‘Blue-Eyed, Blond Men’ Comment

Last week, news broke out that the female diversity chief of Apple, Denise Young Smith was resigning after the backlash she received following certain unfortunate remarks she made in October. This is a surprising turn of...
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