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Budget-friendly ways to get your veggie fix as prices rise

By Sylvain Charlebois

The Food Price Report 2019, released by Dalhousie University and the University of Guelph in December, suggested vegetable prices will go up by as much as six per cent this year. Thats significant because, unlike meat or...

Routine blackouts in Haiti symbolize a loss of political power for its citizens

By Greg Beckett

Haitis public utility company just announced its reducing output again. The move comes after a series of blackouts throughout the country, some lasting weeks. The power outages are the result of a weeks-long fuel shortage...

Heartbreak becomes burnout for teachers when work is turbulent

By Astrid Helene Kendrick

Teaching is often known as a trial by fire profession. In many countries, well-prepared teachers leave the profession at alarming rates, including in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United...

Don't overlook residents' role in apartment building safety

By Matthew Bell

For many of us, the reality of Australian homes now sits many storeys up in the sky. High-rise apartment buildings have sprouted across the nations cities. In recent weeks on Christmas Eve at the Opal Tower building in...

In debates about drug use, fun is important

By Jennifer Power

Millions of Australians use, or have used, illicit substances at some point in their life, while millions more are regular users of legal drugs such as alcohol, tobacco or sleeping pills. While some people become heavy...

Why do parents kill their children? The facts about filicide in Australia

By Terry Goldsworthy

A six-month-old baby was killed earlier this week in what is suspected to be a murder-suicide. Police are investigating whether the child was killed by its father, after their bodies were found in a car on the Sunshine...

If needed, this man can and will cut rates during the election campaign

By Richard Holden

It was a great story. Philip Lowe had taken over as Reserve Bank governor after 25 years of uninterrupted economic growth. The Australian economy was transitioning nicely away from the countrys biggest-ever mining boom....

How the brain remembers amputated limbs – and continues to control them

By Harriet Dempsey-Jones

Most people who have lost a limb still feel its presence decades later. This phenomenon, dubbed phantom limb, has long been a mystery. But with new ultra-high resolution brain scanning, are now able to look inside the...

Rising seas: to keep humans safe, let nature shape the coast

By Iris Möller

Even under the most conservative climate change scenarios, sea levels 30cm higher than at present seem all but certain on much of the UKs coast by the end of this century. Depending on emission scenarios, sea levels one...

Should I stay or should I go? Brexit is forcing City firms to make some tough decisions

By Ioannis Glinavos

The City of London has not been as vocal as other industry sectors during the Brexit negotiations, but it is perceived to be dissatisfied. The UKs future relationship with the EU remains unclear and if theres one thing...

The World Bank needs deep reforms to reflect a changing world order

By Mzukisi Qobo Et Al

The sudden resignation of World Bank President Jim Yong Kim has rekindled debate about leadership succession and the mission of the international financial institution. US president Donald Trump has nominated his...

Brexit turmoil: five ways British MPs misunderstand the European Union

By Christoph Meyer

With Theresa May on her way back to Brussels in an attempt to renegotiate a Brexit deal that has already been agreed, its once again clear that she and the parliamentary colleagues who sent her on her journey still harbour...

Did academia kill jazz?

By Adam Gustafson

Jazz seems to be experiencing a bit of a renaissance among movie directors look no further than documentaries such as Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool, which just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, biopics such as...

Journalism needs an audience to survive, but isn't sure how to earn its loyalty

By Jacob L. Nelson

Journalism is in the midst of an existential crisis: the profession has undergone decades of declines in readership, revenue and public trust, with no obvious end in sight. Many in the industry believe that the best way...

Why stop at plastic bags and straws? The case for a global treaty banning most single-use plastics

By Anastasia Telesetsky

Single-use plastics are a blessing and a curse. They have fueled a revolution in commercial and consumer convenience and improved hygiene standards, but also have saturated the worlds coastlines and clogged landfills. By...

Amazon HQ2: Texas experience shows why New Yorkers should be skeptical

By Nathan Jensen Et Al

New York offered Amazon close to US$3 billion to build a second headquarters in Long Island City on the promise of 25,000 jobs. Since the deal was joyfully announced in November, however, many local residents and some...

Vegan or Mediterranean diet – which is better for heart health?

By Markos Klonizakis

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for more than 30% of the total number of deaths worldwide, and every year more people are being diagnosed with the condition. In 2015, more than 85m people in Europe were living with...

Why are Australians still using Facebook?

By Deborah Lupton

This weeks marks 15 years since Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg first set up the platform with his college roommate Eduardo Saverin. Since then, Facebook has grown into a giant global enterprise. The platform now has...

Tax breaks could soften the blow of a national pharmacare plan

By Jaden Brandt Et Al

The news last week that the federal government may include part of the cost of prescription drugs in the spring budget suggests Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may be planning to campaign on a narrow form of pharmacare...

Canadians are rightly worried about invasion of privacy in smart cities

By Sara Bannerman

In January 2019, Liberal MP Adam Vaughan argued that privacy concerns about the smart city proposed for Torontos waterfront should not be allowed to reverse 25 years of good, solid work and 40 years of dreaming on the...

For the love of technology! Sex robots and virtual reality

By Neil McArthur Et Al

Sex as we know it is about to change. We are already living through a new sexual revolution, thanks to technologies that have transformed the way we relate to each other in our intimate relationships. But we believe...

The collapse of the US-Russia INF Treaty makes arms control a global priority

By Ramesh Thakur

On October 20 2018, US President Donald Trump announced he intends to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) an arms control treaty with Russia that contributed to the end of the Cold...

What has Australia learned from Black Saturday?

By Kevin Tolhurst

Black Saturday was a day like no other; it will be forever remembered in the history of bushfire disasters in Australia. The fires burned about 300,000 hectares in a single day; 173 human lives were lost and more than...

How a bushfire can destroy a home

By Douglas Brown

Ten years after the devastation of Black Saturday, building design has largely been unrecognised as an area worthy of research. We have advanced our knowledge of the materials used in the construction of homes in...

Does microdosing improve your mood and performance? Here's what the research says

By Vince Polito

Microdosing means regularly taking very small doses of psychedelic substances such as LSD or psilocybin (magic mushrooms) over a period of weeks or months. The practice has made countless headlines over the past couple of...

Can bees do maths? Yes – new research shows they can add and subtract

By Scarlett Howard Et Al

The humble honeybee can use symbols to perform basic maths including addition and subtraction, shows new research published today in the journal Science Advances. Bee have miniature brains - but they can learn basic...

Where are the in-depth documentaries calling to account the institutions that are failing us?

By Steve Thomas

There is no shortage of documentary makers out there experienced and emerging who are ready and willing to bring Australian stories to worldwide audiences. But the ever shrinking pool of funding on which they can draw...

Mindful eating: the Victorian food trend that could help you lose weight and transform your health

By Lauren Alex O' Hagan

In recent years, mindfulness defined as a mental state or attitude in which one focuses ones awareness on the present moment has become embedded into our everyday language. Mindfulness has helped many people to develop...

Facebook ten year challenge: how our need to belong trumps our distrust of social media

By Ana Isabel Domingos Canhoto

When the ten year challenge began doing the rounds on social media, people rushed to post profile pictures of themselves from 2009, side by side with one from 2019, to highlight how much they had changed (or not) in the...

Venezuela: US sanctions hurt, but the economic crisis is home grown

By Thomas Purcell

There appear to be two distinct responses to the current crisis in Venezuela. Either an authoritarian regime (led by Nicolás Maduro) is clinging to power against the wishes of popular forces arrayed around the new...

Post-Brexit trade with Japan in jeopardy while uncertainty persists

By Julie Gilson

Nissan has said it will no longer be producing its new X Trail car at its Sunderland plant in north-east England. They will instead be produced in Japan. Although no current jobs are scheduled to be lost, the region was...

A democracy or a kleptocracy? How South Africa stacks up

By Roger Southall

South Africans have been held spellbound by the torrent of evidence of corruption emerging from two parallel commissions of inquiry into state capture, and the fitness to hold office of two senior officials of the...

South Africans are finally set to know who funds their political parties

By Mia Swart

South African President Ramaphosa has finally signed into law a new bill aimed at regulating the funding of political parties. It was approved by Parliament in June 2018. The Political Party Funding Bill, when it...

How Russia is growing its strategic influence in Africa

By Theo Neethling

Much has been made about Chinas role and profile in Africa and the factors underlying its activities on the continent. Less debated is the spread and depth of Russias contemporary presence and profile in Africa. There...

Deepfake videos could destroy trust in society - here’s how to restore it

By Garfield Benjamin

It has the potential to ruin relationships, reputations and our online reality. Deepfake artificial intelligence technology promises to create doctored videos so realistic that theyre almost impossible to tell from the...

Autocracies that look like democracies are a threat across the globe

By Richard Carney

Russias successful interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election may inspire other countries to do the same. These other countries dont look threatening. They look like democracies. But theyre not. Theyre a...

Why do people still use fax machines?

By Jonathan Coopersmith

The fax machine is a symbol of obsolete technology long superseded by computer networks but faxing is actually growing in popularity. Four years ago, I wrote a history of 160 years of faxing, saying my book covered the...

Green buildings must do more to fix our climate emergency

By Meg Holden Et Al

After more than three decades of talk about the potential of building green, weve still failed to change the way we design and construct buildings so that the built environment stops being a dominant contributor to runaway...

Venezuela: Denial of food is a human rights crime

By Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann

In early February, the Lima group, a coalition group of several Latin American countries and Canada, urged the Venezuelan military to sever ties with President Nicolás Maduro. The group called for the urgent...

Young people drowning in a rising tide of perfectionism

By Dr. Simon Sherry Et Al

We recently conducted one of the largest-ever studies on perfectionism. We learned that perfectionism has increased substantially over the past 25 years and that it affects men and women equally. We also learned that...

Brexit: David Trimble’s legal challenge to the Irish backstop is a hiding to nothing

By Colin Murray

There has always been something of Don Quixote about David Trimble, the awkward politician who never really shrugged off his persona as a legal academic. In 1998 no one could deny the urgency with which he sought to right...

Work in the ‘gig economy’: one-night stand or a meaningful relationship?

By Genevieve Shanahan Et Al

In Europe and around the world, many people are delivering fast food on bicycles or acting as taxi drivers in their own cars, not quite employees and not quite self-employed. Following recent legal judgements in France,...

What actually is populism? And why does it have a bad reputation?

By Octavia Bryant Et Al

No doubt thanks to Donald Trump, Brexit, and a string of anti-establishment leaders and parties in Europe, Latin America and Asia, everyone seems to be talking about populism. But populism is nothing new. Its long...

Cladding fires expose gaps in building material safety checks. Here's a solution

By Kevin Argus Et Al

A fire at the Neo 200 apartment building in Spencer Street, Melbourne, on Monday highlighted the risk to human safety from flammable cladding and other non-conforming building products. Building quality and safety are...

Our 'bee-eye camera' helps us support bees, grow food and protect the environment

By Adrian Dyer Et Al

Walking through our gardens in Australia, we may not realise that buzzing around us is one of our greatest natural resources. Bees are responsible for pollinating about a third of food for human consumption, and data on...

Five warning signs of overdiagnosis

By Alexandra Barratt Et Al

Weve had it drummed into us over decades that early detection is key to treating diseases early, before they have a chance to turn into something really nasty. But weve since learnt the flip-side of this is...

The meme-ification of politics: Politicians & their 'lit' memes

By Chris Tenove

In November, during a televised debate about electoral reform, British Columbia Premier John Horgan told the audience, If you were woke, youd know that pro rep is lit. By pro rep, he meant proportional representation,...

How analyzing patterns helps students spot deceptive media

By Claire Ahn

With the current pervasive use of online media for personal and academic reasons, its necessary for students to have skills to confidently filter and decipher what theyre reading. As such, educators have called for a...

Feedback loops and echo chambers: How algorithms amplify viewpoints

By Swathi Meenakshi Sadagopan

Whether its allegations of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, anti-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka or the gilets jaunes protests in France, it is clear that social media platforms are helping spread divisive messages online at an...

Super Bowl ads played it safe, but we can still challenge toxic masculinity

By Dillon Thomas Browne

After this months online commotion about the #MeToo Gillette ad and a previous spot by Nike inspired by Black Lives Matter I was looking forward to seeing what socially conscious ads the Super Bowl LIII would bring ...

Why the US has higher drug prices than other countries

Spending on pharmaceuticals is on the rise worldwide. And it well should be. Today, we are able to cure some diseases like hepatitis C that were virtual death sentences just a few years ago. This progress required...

Canadian economy adds 66.8k jobs in January, jobless rate rises to 5.8 pct

19:00 PM| Commentary

Canadian economy added 66.8k jobs in the month of January. The jobless rate rose to 5.8 percent as more Canadians were looking for work, sending the labor force participation rate 0.2 percentage point higher to 65.6...

FxWirePro: Pound recovers on May-Juncker talks; retail sentiment points to further downside

15:05 PM| Commentary

The pound has recovered after dropping to as low as 1.285 against the USD, as the UK Prime Minister Theresa May had constructive talks and promises of cooperation from the European Commission chief Jean Claude Juncker...

Italian industrial production index falls in December

14:33 PM| Commentary

Italys seasonally adjusted industrial production index dropped in the month of December. On a sequential basis, the industrial production dropped 0.8 percent in the month. The percentage change of the average of the last...

FxWirePro: Soybeans rise on trade sentiment; likely to tests 1000 cents

13:34 PM| Commentary

Soybeans on the rise; is China plating a hand? Since bottoming in September near 815 cents area, the price of Soybeans has been rising steadily. The price is up around 100 cents since September as the grain trades at...

French private payroll employment rises slightly in Q4 2018

13:12 PM| Commentary

French private payroll employment rose a bit in the fourth quarter of 2018, rising 0.1 percent, the same rate seen in the prior quarter. On a year-on-year basis, private payroll employment eased, rising 0.5 percent, as...

Will the RBI take-out knife again to slash interest rates in April?

11:40 AM| Commentary Central Banks Economy

After a surprise interest rate cut from the Reserve bank of India on Thursday, heavy speculations begun around whether the central bank will lower policy rates again in April or probably ahead of the general elections...

German bunds remain mixed after December trade balance data cheers investors beyond expectations

10:15 AM| Commentary Economy

The German bunds remained mixed during European session on the last trading day of the week Friday after the countrys trade data cheered market participants beyond consensus estimates amid an otherwise, silent day that...

FxWirePro: Euro at key support against USD; sentiment points to bearish bias

08:57 AM| Commentary

Euro is currently trading at a key rising trend-line support - a break of which could lead the single currency to as low as 1.12 against the USD. See the daily closing chart for greater clarity. The sentiment reports...

JGBs surge tracking U.S. Treasuries on renewed trade tensions; equities reflect risk aversion

06:37 AM| Commentary Economy

The Japanese government bonds surged at the end of Asian session Friday tracking a similar movement in the United States Treasuries, after President Donald Trump dropped the bombshell that he would not meet with Chinese...

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Huobi’s OTC desk reports mounting trading volumes despite fragile crypto-space

09:42 AM| Research & Analysis Digital Currency Insights & Views

Despite the downturn of the cryptocurrencies that is observed in the past year, and may have caused apprehensions for aspirant cryptocurrency investor, we kept reiterating about series of constructive news flows on the...

Samsung Galaxy S10 Debuts This Month Along With Company’s Version of Apple AirPods

09:37 AM| Technology

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be unveiled later this month. But before that happens, a new leaked photo suggests it will be announced along with Samsungs version of Apples AirPods. The upcoming cordless...

Torrent Sites Offer ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9B Premiere for Free, Days Before Official Release on AMC

09:36 AM| Technology Entertainment

The Walking Dead Season 9B is slated to premiere this coming Sunday. But for torrent fans, they do not have to wait a few more days and watch it right now. As of this writing, the ninth episode of The Walking Dead...

iPhone X Mini Latest News & Update: Is Apple Unveiling an iPhone SE-Sized Smartphone with Edge-to-Edge Display?

09:36 AM| Technology

The so-called iPhone X Mini has been in smartphone fans radar for a couple of years now. But, unfortunately, it does not seem like Apple will push through with this project. There were rumors in 2018 that Apple is...

How to keep your pets safe from marijuana poisoning

By Colleen Dell Et Al - 11:48 AM| Insights & Views Health

If you live with a pet, there is a good chance you consider it to be a member of your family. It is well established that companion animals, ranging from cats and dogs through to birds and rodents, can have a positive...

Self-harm and social media: a knee-jerk ban on content could actually harm young people

By Anna Lavis Et Al - 11:57 AM| Insights & Views Technology

Professor Dame Sally Davies, Englands chief medical officer, has argued that social media companies have a duty of care to keep children safe. Davies guidance comes as the health secretary, Matt Hancock, is due to meet...

Eating more fruit and vegetables linked to better mental well-being – new study

By Neel Ocean Et Al - 11:59 AM| Insights & Views Health

It is well known that eating lots of fruit and vegetables is good for your physical health, but our latest research suggests that it might be good for your mental health too. An study from Australia in 2016 found...

Tokenization becomes eye-catchy in 2019 - Apple, Facebook tokens accessible through Abra platform

11:56 AM| Research & Analysis Digital Currency Insights & Views Commentary

Despite the downturn of the cryptocurrencies that is observed in the past year, may have caused apprehensions for aspirant cryptocurrency investor, we kept reiterating that the buzz world, tokenization mechanism is quite...

Fossil fuels are bad for your health and harmful in many ways besides climate change

By Noel Healy Et Al - 12:23 PM| Insights & Views Health

Many Democratic lawmakers aim to pass a Green New Deal, a package of policies that would mobilize vast amounts of money to create new jobs and address inequality while fighting climate change. Led by Rep. Alexandria...

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UK gilts gain after January consumer inflation disappoints investors; 10-year auction in focus

The United Kingdoms gilts gained during Wednesdays afternoon session, after the countrys consumer price inflation (CPI) data for the month of January, disappointed market participants, also down from the previous reading...

German bunds remain narrowly ahead of Q4 2018 GDP, Eurozone December trade balance

The German bunds remained narrowly mixed during European session Wednesday ahead of the countrys gross domestic product (GDP) for the fourth quarter of 2018, scheduled to be released on February 14 by 07:00GMT and the...

USD/SGD likely to trade lower in line with rebound in EUR and CNH, says Scotiabank

The USD/SGD currency pair is expected to trade lower in line with a rebound in the EUR and the CNH, according to the latest research report from Scotiabank. The SGD has been running a close correlation with the EUR and the...

JGBs continue mixed trading ahead of Q4’18 GDP data amid lingering hopes of U.S.-China trade deal

The Japanese government bonds continued to trade mixed towards the end of Asian session Wednesday, as investors await the countrys gross domestic product (GDP) for the fourth quarter of this year, scheduled to be released...

Australia 10-year bond yield jumps to 1-week high after Trump softens stance on trade negotiations

Australian government bonds slumped across the curve during Asian trading session Wednesday after U.S. President Donald Trump softened his stance on trade negotiations overnight, along with tentative progress to avoid...


Donald Trump to Sign Smaller Border Wall Funding to Avoid Another Government Shutdown

After a 35-day shutdown, the government has temporarily reopened but what happens after the Feb. 15 deadline is still quite uncertain. However, there are reports that United States President Donald Trump will most likely...

Vladimir Putin’s Aide Tackles Alleged Russian Interference in 2016 U.S. Presidential Election; Writes Choice Is an ‘Illusion’

The relationship of Russian President Vladimir Putin and United States President Donald Trump has been a highly debated topic. Many critics believe the Russian government interfered with the election that Trump won in...

Melania Trump 2019: ‘Hidden Message’ in First Lady’s Dress at Donald Trump’s State of Union Address Demystified

United States first lady Melania Trumps fashion choices are often interpreted by people on social media and the press as having hidden messages. So Mrs. Trumps stylist, Hervé Pierre, was quick to dismiss any...

Vladimir Putin 2019: Witches Cast Spells to Strengthen the Russian President and Weaken the Country’s Enemies [VIDEO]

Vladimir Putin has the support of witches as dozens of them recently held a ritual to cast spells on the Russian president so he will gain more strength and defeat the nations that will go against him and their country....

Donald Trump Announces Plans to Meet North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Again via Summit in Vietnam

Donald Trump revealed that he will be meeting North Koreas Kim Jong Un again and this will take place in Vietnam. The announcement was made on Tuesday, Feb. 5 via the American presidents second State of the...


Cancer Cure 2019: Experts Doubt Israeli Company’s Promise of Delivering ‘Complete Cure’ in 1 Year

Scientists from Israel recently announced they are one year away from delivering a complete cure to cancer. But some experts are explaining why the promised time frame is questionable. In late January, scientists and...

HIV/AIDS Cure 2019: Study of HIV ‘Accessory Protein’ Can Lead to Improved Treatment Plans for Patients

Aside from continuously researching for the absolute cure to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), scientists are also working on improving the treatment plans for infected...

Cancer Cure Found in One of World’s Most Rare Elements That Caused Dinosaur’s Extinction?

Iridium is one of the elements believed to have contributed to the extinction of dinosaurs. And, recently, scientists announced it is possible that it could also help them develop a cure for cancer. Scientists from...

HIV/AIDS Cure 2019: Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address Includes 10-Year Program to Weaken Epidemic

U.S. President Donald Trump will reportedly pledge on immensely diminishing the human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) epidemic while scientists are still looking for the ultimate...

HIV/AIDS Cure 2019: New Research Grants Focus on Body's Natural Control of the Virus Post-Treatment

Scientists around the world are exploring various angles to further understand HIV/AIDS and find a cure. Several research grants were previously awarded to groups who are aiming to focus on post-treatment control. The...


‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Latest News & Update: Third Entry’s Sales Performance Declines in Japan but Blazes Across Europe

After enjoying the top spot for several weeks regarding sales performance in Japan, Kingdom Hearts 3 has now fallen from the summit. The fall wasnt too far, however, as it currently sits on the number two spot, PushSquare...

OnePlus 7 Release Date, Latest News & Update: Upcoming Device Speculated to Make an Appearance at WMC 2019

The OnePlus 7 is expected to come out this year and fans are hoping that the Shenzhen-based company will outfit the smartphone with game-changing features. While its predecessor was positively received by the market, it...

‘Sims 5’ Latest News & Update: Why It Will Be Huge & What It Should Include

The launch date of Sims 5 has not even been announced yet but a lot of fans are already clamoring for the game to be released. This is hardly surprising considering the popularity of not only the games but the entire...

iOS 12.1.4 Latest News & Update: Handy Features & Ugly Setbacks, Still Worth Downloading

There is much that can be said about the regular iOS updates that Apple puts out but boring is certainly not one of them. This is still the case with iOS 12.1.4 where the update provides more convenient features for the...

‘GTA 6’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Will Rockstar Create ‘GTA Online 2’ After Sixth Installment’s Release?

Its the second month of 2019 and Rockstar has yet to break their silence whether or not GTA 6 is indeed in development. Fans of the single-player franchise are becoming more and more restless as the predecessor of GTA 6...
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